Experimental Patch Is Now Live!

Posted on August 2nd, 2018 09:49 AM EST

Hey Hurtworldians!

Tonight we've got a new experimental patch wipe cycle that adds weather events, replaces the starting beach with a new tropical look and rebalances the gear progression to encourage a longer farming period before pushing into the snow and red desert biomes.

We've also got a few bugfixes, most importantly fixing the regression in hitboxes / hit detection introduced in the hotfix and also making servers less vulnerable to DDoS attacks which unfortunately have been an issue recently.

As always the 'oldversion' steam branch will contain the patch prior to this one( so you can continue to play on community servers that haven't gotten around to updating yet.

Good luck out there!

Full Changelog
  • Added weather events to all biomes, these will affect temperature levels and player visibility
  • The starting beach area has a new tropical look and feel
  • Progression of gear has been rebalanced removing some items and combining others, crafting costs and protection levels have also been tweaked
  • Titranium Workbench Amber cost reduced (40 -> 20)
  • Titranium Workbench Shaped Titranium cost increased (20 -> 150)
  • Hurtworld now defaults to not allowing network messages from unconnected clients (should reduce vulnerability to DDoS attacks)
  • Added console commands 'setallowunconnected <0/1>' and 'dumpallowunconnected' for setting and checking whether network messages will be accepted from unconnected clients
  • Fixed the hitbox / hit registration issue introduced in (hit registration will be consistant again)
  • Fixed incorrect rarity on mega mine power and chop power fragments (rare -> legendary)
  • Added Jacket and Bomber Jacket as new vanity items
  • Added Machine Wrench to Titranium Workbench recipes
  • Reduced toxin build up rate from Mondinium resource nodes
  • Added line of sight checks to resource nodes so they should no longer despawn in front of a player
  • Fixed incorrect material assignment on Titranium Workbench (wood -> metal)
  • Fixed Heatproof Mining Drill returning Coldproof Mining Drill when disassembled
  • Heatproof Mining Drill can now only be placed in the Red Desert
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