Exp Patch Is Live!

Posted on November 8th, 2018 04:07 AM EST

Hi Hurtworldians!

Tonight we have our new Territory Control system rolling out to all experimental servers. This system adds 10 special construction cells to the map that reward clans with bragging rights of controlling the map as well as accumulate points towards upcoming clan vanity systems.

Currently PVP points do nothing but rank your clans, soon they will be able to be used to unlock various things in game.

These build cells allow use of a much cheaper C4 variant and only allow building with weak materials to keep things volatile.

Players who die inside these cells will be locked out for a period of time allowing a fairer online PVP experience.

We've also done a fairly large overhaul of machine graphics as well as redesigned all the male characters.

All players should see a decent performance increase as the first step of our optimisation with much more to come in the near future.

Vehicle attachment spawns have been boosted by a massive amount to make vehicles more accessible in the leadup to our revamp of vehicles coming soon to bring things back closer to V1.

Happy Hunting!

Full ChangeLog
  • Added territory control points all over the map that reward clans with PVP points
  • Clans are now ranked in the clans screen by points accumulated
  • Added new territory c4 for raiding territory control points. This is far cheaper than normal c4
  • Increased wood drop rate
  • Fixed bug where you couldn’t zoom the map if hovering over a marker
  • Redesigned clan totem
  • Updated campfire visuals
  • Updated fire pit visuals
  • Updated locker visuals
  • Updated c4 visuals
  • Redesigned all 3 male characters (edited)
  • Optimised environment rocks to use far less polygons, should give a good boost to FPS.
  • Fixed duplicate environment assets spawning in the map
  • Polished a lot of the clan UI
  • Made shoreline not so shit
  • Redisigned first and third person hands to not look like french fries
  • Clan tags now show in chat
  • Massively boosted vehicle attachment spawns on world chassis
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