Hotfix Is Now Live!

Posted on February 1st, 2019 03:01 AM EST

Hey Hurtworldians,

Another hotfix patch for you tonight with more improvements to DDoS protection and performance.
We've also added some quality of life improvements in the form of a new storage item for heavy slot resources + an inverted pitch control option for Mozzys.

We're also wiping official servers with this patch and community servers will be forced to wipe also when they update.
As always the 'oldversion' beta branch is pointing at the previous version ( so you can change to this to continue to play on community servers until they update.

  • Added a heavy storage rack for storing heavy slot items
  • Improved DDoS protection
  • Added MinSpikeDebugTime console setting that will configure how often warnings for long frames will be output. Defaults to 5 seconds, will output a warning whenever a frame takes longer than the time (in seconds). If profiling server performance, a value of 0.5 should provide some good insight. We are curious what the max these spikes get up to on community servers
  • Added invert pitch option toggle for helicopters
  • Fixed in game changelog not showing properly
  • Improved positioning of owrong and bandage items
  • Improved entity update tick timing when in low performance situations (should improve smoothness and consistency when running FPS less than twice the tick rate)
  • Added handling for EAC shutdown error preventing servers from shutting down and restarting smoothly
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