Hotfix Is Live and Official Servers Have Wiped

Posted on February 15th, 2019 05:04 AM EST

Hey Hurtworldians,

We've delayed the major content patch until the next wipe (28th Feb, more info on this in our next devblog coming very soon) but have got a hotfix patch with some important bugfixes for you instead.

Official servers are also wiping with this patch but community servers can make their own decision as saves are still compatible.
As always the 'oldversion' beta branch is hosting so you can continue to play on community servers until they update.

Full Changelog
    • Improved camera collision detection again to stop players peeking into bases
    • Fixed construction placement validation volumes on several construction pieces
    • Fixed some layout issues in clan UI
    • Added an extra player volume to sleepers so construction validation checks against them are identical to players
    • Items with durability can no longer be recycled
    • Halved Beretta 9mm Pistol fire rate
    • Fixed players occasionally respawning at vehicles instead of their chosen respawn point
    • Added a vertical offset to crash vehicle camera to stop it colliding with the ground when rolling (makes camera much smoother when crashing)
    • Fixed ammo UI being cutoff for some languages
    • Fixed Mozzy claiming not consuming the amber cost
    • Fixed Mozzy sounds playing at incorrect times
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