Blog Feed en Tue, 18 Sep 2018 17:11 CEST is a Hurtworld servers list. Its goal is to provide an efficient way for players to find a server that suits their needs and also for servers owners to get more players on their servers. 60 Hurtworld Dev Blog #138 Tue, 18 Sep 2018 17:11 CEST

Hi Hurtworldians!

In this weeks dev update, we check out plans for our upcoming clans system, endgame territory control system, drill and character upgrades.

Check out the full update here:]]>
Hurtworld Dev Blog #137 Fri, 07 Sep 2018 11:22 CEST

Hi Hurtworldians!

In this weeks update I've written part one of a multi part essay series where I word vomit design thoughts on how we are gonna make V2 the best game ever based on our discussions in the forums etc. Beware wall of text!

Check out the full update here:]]>
Exp Patch Is Live! Thu, 30 Aug 2018 10:21 CEST

Hi Hurtworldians,

In tonight's patch we have my all time favorite gun in Hurtworld so far... the FR18. It fits into the mid game to serve as a long rang weapon that can be farmed entirely in the noob zone. It has much lower damage than the AWM, but makes up for it with high rate of fire, nice ironsights and cost effectiveness. I'm excited about this one.

Fragment Refactor
This process ended up being a bigger job than we expected and decided to roll back most of the changes until next patch so we don't completely break the meta. We did a balance pass to remove the really rubbish fragments and buffed under powered ones, you should still find a more consistent range of fragments. More on these next patch.

New Town Events
This patch introduces two new town events to replace some of the duplicates around the map. We will continue to replace these until they are all unique. We've tried to create some more open spaces in the events to give our longer range weapons some more PVP purpose.

See you out there :csgogun:

  • Added new town events to Nullius
  • Added FR18 bolt pull rifle
  • You can now delay the bolt pull on the AWM and FR18 by holding the fire button, this lets you watch the bullet drop to help you sight in long distance shots
  • Added camoflague mask for all guns
  • Added 12x scope for AWM
  • Removed add pocket fragments
  • Removed zoom amount fragments
  • Added bow scatter shot fragment
  • Removed bow extra shot fragment
  • AWM pvp damage increased (70 -> 85)
  • AWM bolt pull time increased (1 -> 1.75)
  • AWM Default scope is now 6x zoom
  • Removed global accuracy modifier and stat
  • Rebalanced accuracy for AR15, sighted accuracy starts higher than before but starts to bloom after a few shots (was previously constant small inaccuracy no matter what when sighted), hipfire now blooms out faster. First sighted shot is now perfectly accurate.
  • Reduced projectile speed for AR15 and Shotgun
  • Increased projectile speed for AWM
  • AR15 arctic pelt cost changed to strong animal pelt
  • Reduced Titranium Workbench cost
  • Airdrops now perform a line of sight check before destroying themselves due to timeout (airdrops should no longer despawn in front of players)
  • Increased reload and bolt pull audio falloff (gets quieter earlier)
  • Buffed thermal protection fragments (minor 4 -> 6, major 6 -> 9, mega 7 -> 11)
  • Buffed health regen fragments (minor .1 -> .15, major .15 -> .22, mega .17 -> .25)
  • Zoom amount stat so it now directly sets zoom level (ie. zoom level 2 = 2x zoom)
  • Zoom levels are now calculated as multiplier of FOV setting from options configuration (was multiplier of 60 FOV)
  • Increased vehicle and ragdoll maximum angular velocity
  • Fixed a bug where the camera wouldn't collide with some level geometry
  • Bolt actions no longer try to chamber a new bullet when sprinting
  • Fixed error when opening/closing a door without a sound
  • Reassigned open/close sounds for windows
  • Fixed a bug where equip stats could get out of sync between server and client
  • Fixed incorrect footsteps sounds playing based on contact material
  • Bolt pull audio now scales with bolt pull speed
  • Vehicle fuel consumption can no longer be reduced below 1
  • Fixed missing FIR trees around the map
Hurtworld Dev Blog #136 Mon, 27 Aug 2018 18:41 CEST

Hi Hurtworldians!

In today's dev update we check out the 2 new town events, new gun skins, the item fragment refactor, server stability upgrades and open a discussion with the community about the eternal battle of V1 vs V2.

Check out the full update here:]]>
Hurtworld Dev Blog #135 Fri, 17 Aug 2018 09:23 CEST

Hi Hurtworldians!

In this weeks dev update we check out the finished FR18 sniper complete with skins, a new town event, and discuss the next patch rolling out on the 30th.

Check out the full update here:]]>
Experimental Patch + Hurtworld Blog #134 Is Now Out! Tue, 07 Aug 2018 12:59 CEST

Hey Hurtworldians!

Tonight we've got a small bugfix patch to fix up a few small map issues as well as item disppearing into vehicle inventories.

As always the last active patch ( will be available on the 'oldversion' branch so you can continue to play on community servers until they get around to updating.

We've also got a new blog looking at the patch as well as some attachments for the upcoming FR18.

Check it out at

Full Changelog
  • Fixed vehicle inventories so they can no longer 'lose' items
  • Fixed a spawn point that was spawning players on top of a rock they could not safely leave
  • Fixed some town event markers appearing too small on the map
  • Added console command 'networkloglevel <off/error/warning/debug>' for controlling the network log filter on the server
Experimental Patch Is Now Live! Thu, 02 Aug 2018 16:49 CEST

Hey Hurtworldians!

Tonight we've got a new experimental patch wipe cycle that adds weather events, replaces the starting beach with a new tropical look and rebalances the gear progression to encourage a longer farming period before pushing into the snow and red desert biomes.

We've also got a few bugfixes, most importantly fixing the regression in hitboxes / hit detection introduced in the hotfix and also making servers less vulnerable to DDoS attacks which unfortunately have been an issue recently.

As always the 'oldversion' steam branch will contain the patch prior to this one( so you can continue to play on community servers that haven't gotten around to updating yet.

Good luck out there!

Full Changelog
  • Added weather events to all biomes, these will affect temperature levels and player visibility
  • The starting beach area has a new tropical look and feel
  • Progression of gear has been rebalanced removing some items and combining others, crafting costs and protection levels have also been tweaked
  • Titranium Workbench Amber cost reduced (40 -> 20)
  • Titranium Workbench Shaped Titranium cost increased (20 -> 150)
  • Hurtworld now defaults to not allowing network messages from unconnected clients (should reduce vulnerability to DDoS attacks)
  • Added console commands 'setallowunconnected <0/1>' and 'dumpallowunconnected' for setting and checking whether network messages will be accepted from unconnected clients
  • Fixed the hitbox / hit registration issue introduced in (hit registration will be consistant again)
  • Fixed incorrect rarity on mega mine power and chop power fragments (rare -> legendary)
  • Added Jacket and Bomber Jacket as new vanity items
  • Added Machine Wrench to Titranium Workbench recipes
  • Reduced toxin build up rate from Mondinium resource nodes
  • Added line of sight checks to resource nodes so they should no longer despawn in front of a player
  • Fixed incorrect material assignment on Titranium Workbench (wood -> metal)
  • Fixed Heatproof Mining Drill returning Coldproof Mining Drill when disassembled
  • Heatproof Mining Drill can now only be placed in the Red Desert
Hurtworld Update #133 Fri, 27 Jul 2018 13:07 CEST

Hey Hurtworldians!

This week the tropical biome gets implemented, bugs get stomped and the FR18 moves close to completion.

Read all about it at...]]>
Experimental Patch Is Now Live Fri, 27 Jul 2018 09:46 CEST
Hey everyone,

Tonight we've got another bugfix update fixing problems in the mesh baking system that could cause world items to fall through the ground.
We've also improved physics performance and fixed up featured servers not showing correctly.

As always the 'oldversion' steam beta branch will be pointing at the last released build ( so you can continue to play on community servers that haven't updated yet.

Full Changelog
  • Fixed a bug in the item display data manager that could cause it to crash and never recover (Fixes items failing to render and world items falling through ground)
  • Improved physics performance (server and client)
  • Fixed several console commands throwing errors when invoked during server start up
  • Improved how steam ID sessions are recorded, should help "Active session with same SteamID" issue
  • Fixed an issue where players could get into a loop where they would constantly request data about an item that doesn't exist from the server
  • Added the console command 'itempingenabled <value>' for servers to control whether players can link items to chat
  • Fixed an issue causing featured servers not to appear in the server browser as featured
Experimental Patch Is Now Live Fri, 20 Jul 2018 09:41 CEST
Hey everyone,

Tonight we've got a small bugfix update for the experimental branch fixing up some issues with shacks, amber protection and vehicle claiming.

As always the 'oldversion' steam beta branch will be pointing at the last released build ( so you can continue to play on community servers that haven't updated yet.

Full Changelog
  • Vehicles can now be claimed without any parts installed
  • Fixed a bug where the amber cost could still be consumed when failing to claim a vehicle
  • Added extra placement validation to shacks to ensure their spawn point does not overlap into level geometry (eg. inside rocks)
  • Shacks will be unavailable as a spawn option if something (eg. C4) is blocking the spawn point
  • After upgrading an amber protected item the upgraded item will not drop its amber cost on the first death (the item will still be protected however)
Hurtworld Update #132 Fri, 20 Jul 2018 07:52 CEST

Hi Hurtworldians!

This week Tom gets his hands dirty in the workshop working on the vehicles, Teh Splatt moves to a tropical Island biome and Mils heads to the rifle range to work on the new FR18 rifle.

Follow the link to see more...]]>
EXP Patch Is Now Live Thu, 12 Jul 2018 10:29 CEST

Hi Guys,

Tonight we have a small update for the experimental branch which fixes the nasty construction duping bug that emerged this week as well as a few other balance and bug fixes.

This will include a wipe on official servers to level the playing field from dupe exploiters, but is not mandatory for community servers.

- Fixed construction duping bug
- Client side torch performance improved
- Increased vehicle chassis spawn rates
- Increased vehicle part drop chance from chassis disassembly
- Improved basic rock resource node visuals at low level of detail
- Amber insurance drops from owned vehicles no longer despawn due to time out
- Fixed various small map issues]]>
Hurtworld Dev Blog #131 Wed, 11 Jul 2018 11:07 CEST

Hi Hurtworldians,

In this weeks dev blog, we check out the new tropical biome, scout rifle progress, and plans for our next couple of releases.

Check out the full update here:]]>
Experimental Patch Is Now Live! Fri, 06 Jul 2018 11:01 CEST
Hi Hurtworldians!

Tonight we have a brand new map built from the ground up to have more open space, make vehicles more useful, create more memorable areas and is our most ambitious design yet.

There are a bunch of areas which still feel very empty, especially in the start desert. We will be continuing to fill these with love over the next few patches. That said, I think we have a bunch of really cool elements that will grow into the map Hurtworld needs and will open up many new gameplay opportunities, paving the way for the release of the Slug (Truck) and Mozzy (Helicopter) to have a purpose in the metagame.

We have also started work on making some of the world events more localized, like more frequent meteor showers in focused areas, giving less loot each + more airdrops that can only be heard if you are in range of them etc.

This patch should slightly balance out the defense / offence raiding status with double the det cap drop rate along with increased airdrops.

Happy Hunting

Full Changelog
  • New map "Nullius"
  • Meteor shower spawn locations restricted to map focal points
  • New world we call "Nullius"
  • Increased detcap drop rate
  • Removed iron+titranium showers form snow and red desert
  • Completely rebuilt all biomes for map "Nullius"
  • Increased iron+titranium shower frequency but reduced meteor count
  • Made resource spawns more more clustered as you progress through the world. Some areas have none, some have heaps, get yo explore on.
  • Fixed owrong farming seed yield
  • Something something new map...
  • Reduced C4 Amber Cost
  • Moved AWM to cold progression
  • Airdrop plane flies lower and has shorter sound falloff
  • Buffed Yeti and Dark Yeti health (650 -> 975) and normalized health (3 -> 4.5)
  • Removed vehicle drops (including scrap) from air drop loot
  • Fixed the fridge
Hurtworld Dev Blog #130 Wed, 04 Jul 2018 12:14 CEST

Hi Hurtworldians!

In this weeks dev update, we go into depth about design in the new map releasing on Friday as well as a look at the new scout rifle.

Check out the full update here:]]>
EXP Update Is Live! Thu, 28 Jun 2018 21:57 CEST

Hi Hurtworldians,

Experimental branch patch is now live. Unfortunately we are going to have to postpone the new map release until next week. We've been working around the clock trying to get it ready for public consumption but at this point it still has quite a few issues that we need to resolve.

Either way, Tom has been cooking up a few gameplay changes that we will push out tonight with a wipe to tide you over for another week. We will leave the default map set to diemensland for this short week wipe cycle.

  • Added Mining Bow
  • Added amber protection information to item tooltips
  • Vehicles now cost amber to claim
  • The driver of a vehicle now receives an alert if the self destruct timer is activated
  • Added bow redraw speed stat to improve bow reload times
  • Added bow redraw fragments
  • Vehicle wheels now apply their force at a height equal to center of mass, this reduces the effect tire forces have on vehicle orientation
  • Improved vehicle handbrake so vehicles slide more like the legacy implementation, the new wheel force application point also fixes handbrake pulling the Kanga's front wheel up
  • Removed most of vehicle weight's influence over vehicle handling, vehicles are now more consistent between different attachment configurations
  • Removed vehicle top speed stat, a vehicles top speed is now defined by the point where engine power is matched by vehicle drag
  • Buffed AWP pvp damage (50 -> 70)
  • Buffed Iron Axe pvp damage (25 -> 35)
  • Fixed a bug where a passenger exiting a vehicle would always cause it to power off (now vehicle only powers off when empty)
  • Fixed an issue where Kangas could get stuck after returning upright due to the driver seat being blocked
  • Fixed an issue where a vehicles normalized top speed was not being calculated correctly causing vehicle control systems to be applied at the wrong strength (also fixes vehicle gearboxes never shifting out of 1st gear)
  • Fixed footstep audio playing after entering a vehicle sprinting in 3rd person view
  • Vehicle airdrops have been made 100% accurate
  • Fixed an issue where bows were not being affected by inaccuracy calculations, bows are now less accurate while running and while airborne
  • Improved handling of player name validation
  • Fixed a bug where melee attacks were not being denied properly when being blocked by level or base geometry
  • Improved FPS Sight offsets with Eureka scopes (Camera approaches lens when sighting in)
  • Made item context menus more robust
  • Fixed Roach and Kanga engines appearing black
  • Fixed an issue where vehicle health could fail to sync in vehicle UI
  • [SDK] Vehicle gearboxes now have user defined gear ratios in ItemComponentVehicleGearbox
  • [SDK] Fixed bugs with AdditiveMaskSupport, these assets should now work correctly
  • [SDK] Fixed bug where IconBuilder's Update Lighting Snapshot button didn't work
Hurtworld Dev Blog #129 Mon, 18 Jun 2018 12:07 CEST

Hi Hurtworldians!

In this weeks dev update, we check out plans for the release of the epic new map, bow painting, new scout rifle, vehicle handling and more.

Check out the full update here:]]>
Experimental Hotfix Is Now Live! Fri, 08 Jun 2018 09:38 CEST
Hey Hurtworldians,

We're rolling out a hotfix patch to fix an issue where vehicle masks were failing to sync from the chassis to the other attachments.

Full Changelog
  • Fixed an issue where vehicle chassis were failing to pass their assigned mask onto the other vehicle attachments
  • Fixed an issue with spawn mutators trying to incorrectly create items when loading from a saved game
EXP Patch Is Now Live Thu, 07 Jun 2018 15:57 CEST

Just pushed a small hotfix to increase the flint in a noob zone. Enjoy.

Hi Hurtworldians,

In tonight's experimental patch makes some major changes to vehicles, introduces a new town event type and brings Diemensland back to life for ItemV2.

Full Vehicle Customization
A long time in the making, we have the new fully fleshed out vehicle customization system. Not only do you now have freedom to choose the color of the vehicle, you can paint each panel separately!

Vehicle Recovery
This patch also introduces vehicle insurance claims, allowing you to call an airdrop back in for your own customized vehicle if it gets destroyed or stolen. Stolen vehicles will need to be remotely destroyed via the vehicle settings window which will take around 45 mins before your vehicle can be called back in. This gives the theif a bit of joyride time with your precious ride before destroying it and dropping them a small reward.

Calling your vehicle back in will cost you the insurance claim cost (most of which is dropped for the theif).

This should allow a much more significant investment and customization to your vehicles as they can never be truly lost.

Open World Chassis Hunting
For the Roach and Kanga, chassis and items must be scavenged from spawns in the world. The Goat is still crafted via the old methods.

Multiple Vehicle Claims
We have also extended vehicle claiming to allow one of each vehicle type!

Diemensland V2 Legit
We have updated Diemensland (the map everyone knows and loves) to work in V2 in prep for the new map Splatt is working on which is heavily inspired by Diemensland feel to ensure we hit the mark. Airdrops and Meteor showers have been added.

Loot Frenzy Town Event
To replace the constant slow loot spawns of legacy we have created a new town event called Loot Frenzy. Once activated will drop a new loot crate every 30 seconds with area markers for each crate, there will be one of these running all the time somewhere in the map. Change Log
  • Default map changed to Diemensland
  • Added new loot frenzy town event type
  • Vehicle panels are permanently attached to chassis once again
  • Vehicle wheels no longer take damage separately, they cannot be destroyed and pass on damage to the vehicle instead
  • Players can now claim a vehicle of each type (goat, kanga, roach)
  • Fixed a long standing bug that would cause Kanga to not turn after being picked up off the ground for a few seconds.
  • Vehicle beacons now respawn a dead claimed vehicle, they cannot be placed if you don't own a vehicle of that type or it isn't destroyed
  • Players can self destruct vehicles they own, this timer can be started from the character options window
  • The goat spawn beacon will auto-claim the dropped goat if the player does not currently own a goat
  • Vehicle disassembly wrench added to vehicle crafter
  • Added vehicle engine unstable upgrade extender, this fragment costs nothing to apply and has a 50% chance of adding an extra upgrade point, if this fails the engine is destroyed instead
  • Removable vehicle parts can now be dismantled into scrap
  • Added vehicle protection and fuel efficiency fragments
  • Vehicle window now displays the vehicle destroy timer, if the vehicle is unowned the player is shown a button to reset this timer
  • Vehicle window now displays the chassis item so it can be recolored and masks can be applied
  • Added tooltip for mask storage to show what mask is applied to an item
  • Vehicle panels are now customisable (colorable) and are colored separately
  • Vehicle air drop accuracy massively increased
  • Recurve and fibreglass recurve bows can now be recolored
  • Updated vehicle air drop beacon graphics
  • Roach and kanga chassis spawn in the world, these vehicles have to be collected once again and can no longer be purchased (goat is still available for purchase)
  • Vehicle gearbox stats have been pushed into engines and there is now just one type of gearbox per vehicle
  • Removed random customisation for AR15s and AWMs, these items will now always start with their default look
  • Removed random customisation for vehicles, vehicles will start out with a default look
  • Increased effect of traction stat + baseline traction increased for all vehicles
  • The kanga and goat are now more forgiving and harder to crash.

    Known Issues
    Vehicle mask and paint assignment can get a bit screwy, should have a fix for that soon.
Hurtworld Experimental Hotfix Tue, 03 Apr 2018 17:28 CEST
Hi Hurtworldians,
This hotfix should fix up all of the lag spike issues that have been occurring over the weekend as well as structures not loading in on busy servers sometimes.
I have also increased the EU East ItemV2 server to 100 players as a load test. I encourage everyone worldwide to play on this server regardless of ping (I have removed the ping restriction) so we can see how the new network engine holds up under heavy load and profile for bottlenecks.

Full Changelog

  • Changed the way rare creatures are spawned to be more consistant
  • Fixed entity overflow on initial connection to a busy server
  • Fixed massive server lag spike whenever a player connects
  • Increased enforcement for server simulated projectiles to deny hits for clients when their structures bug out
  • Rebalanced armor and size coefficient values for small doorways
  • Added failsafe for meteors and airdrops to not leak if something goes wrong
  • Fixed memory leak on binary effects
Hurtworld Patch Mon, 23 May 2016 14:44 CEST
  • Added Buttress construction item 
  • Added two new types of Pillar 
  • Added Trap Door construction item 
  • Added Single Door construction item 
  • Added Single Doorway construction item 
  • Added Pillbox construction item 
  • Added Fireplace construction item 
  • Added free standing Torch construction item (built similar to the Sign - just equip a torch item and look at the ground) 
  • Updated Wall Torch model and texture 
  • Added visibility indicator for construction prefab placement 
  • Changed Build Limits to be different for different items. There are now three categories of build limit: structural, machines, and plants. These limits are independent of each other. 
  • Doubled the default structural build limit - you will now be able to build bigger bases 
  • Fixed issue where plants would place incorrectly on structures and machines 
  • Made Fire Pit collider consistent between server and client 
  • Altered workbench collider to be more consistent with its shape 
  • Fixed sign refund 
  • Improved UI at low resolutions 
  • Significantly improved performance of skybox in complex maps 
  • Improved validation on Ownership Stakes 
  • Admins are now immune to AFK kicks 
  • Fixed issue with plant serialization where plants would despawn after several server reloads 
  • Added Deferred Rendering (enabled in Options > Graphics). This may significantly improve performance on some graphics cards, and will significantly improve fidelity when multiple light sources are on screen. 
  • Fixed mismatched colliders on Owrongs 
  • Added four new music tracks 
  • Fixed issue where the player slid down ladders over time 
  • Significantly improved player connection time to servers with lots of buildings 
  • Significantly improved server RAM overhead for structures 
  • Added Shack construction item, built in the Workbench. The Shack is an early-game, small structure that can be built in the starting zone. It will last for 48 hours before destroying itself. You may respawn at your shack once every 20 minutes. You may only have one Shack at a time. The Shack may be chopped down with axes over a fairly long period of time - it is not a place for completely secure storage. 
  • Machines will now remember if they were turned on or not over server restarts 
  • Put in command to disable autosaves (autosaveenabled <value>) 
  • Made C4, Landcrab Mines and Poison Traps placeable within NoBuild zones 
  • Fixed ownership stake smoke LODing out too early 
  • Fixed bug in explosions where C4 would do damage to the wrong attachment pieces, sometimes decimating whole bases 
  • Configured armor for construction pieces. Wood will die to any c4 blast, stone will take about 1.5 blasts iron will take 3+ 
  • Increased detcap spawn rate by 3x 
  • Configured blast resistances based on construction volume, smaller objects of the same material will take less damage to destroy 
  • Decreased the material costs for C4 slightly 
  • Roof pieces are now much cheaper 
  • Doors and windows have a similar blast resistance to wood walls 
  • Garage doors have armor similar to rock 

    Let us know if you find any bugs, and enjoy! 

  • Fixed beacon not showing ownership stakes properly 
  • Fixed server side exception when creating new player identities
]]> Switch To HTTPS Sat, 21 May 2016 22:09 CEST
Our API can still be used without HTTPS for compatibility with third parties.

Here are the most notable benefits of this change:

  • Improves global security of the server list
  • No more problem to use our embedded content on external websites that use also HTTPS
Hurtworld Patch Sat, 23 Apr 2016 14:26 CEST

VERSION (22-APR-2016)

This is patch is stage one of the new systems we are rolling out in the next few months. It brings the infrastructure of our construction and explosives systems up to a standard we can build the next iteration of PVP changes in the coming months. 

This patch enforces a global wipe. Old save games of Infini servers will be available for download sometime this week should you want to keep a copy of your creations. 

Construction System V2 
This patch introduces the first iteration of Construction V2 with over 100 construction prefabs that will allow for much more interesting and varied structures. You should also find the object placement more consistent and not dependent on things like placement order. You will find things like roof tiles, handrails, windows and ladders. 

The upgraded construction system introduces a few new concepts. 
  • Attachment points can now have multiple orientations. Right click will cycle through each available orientation. 
  • Each ownership cell now has a configurable build limit. This will ensure that a single group can't grind a server to a halt with 4000 support truss objects. Each item has an associated cost which directly relates to GPU cost. We will work to provide efficient construction pieces so you can still build epic bases, just ones that won't kill everyone's FPS. 
  • C4 is now based on a simulation of explosion dynamics. Constructed objects now have health, and will show cracks when damaged but not destroyed. 
  • Although walls have an armor rating, we currently have all materials set to equal. Balance for explosions, walls and construction costs will come in the next few weeks. 
  • Machines are now disassembled like cars, there is a cheaper constructable wrench for this purpose 

This patch also contains the first release of our Steam workshop integration for maps. 

Servers running custom maps can be joined by anyone, and the map will automatically download before connecting. 

To host using a custom map, simply specify the workshop file id in as the map in the format of: 

host 12871 w-663477235

Your server will download the map from workshop and host as usual. 

Other changes: 

Added server configuration for max structure cell complexity: structurecomplexitylimit <value> 
Added new playerlootmode - 4: Destroys all items on death. 
Added item Wall Torch - similar to old torch in construction menu, but freely placeable.]]>
Hurtworld Patch Wed, 09 Mar 2016 22:42 CET
VERSION (9-MAR-2016) 
  • Major refactor to the way maps are loaded to support the Map SDK. Player made maps can now be loaded into the engine. 
  • Added ambient sounds for each biome, and day/night 
  • Added 3 new ambient music tracks 
  • Added writable signs 
  • Added guard for players getting below terrain 
  • Added crosshair progress indicator when mining resource nodes 
  • Fixed issues with mouse remapping 
  • Fixed an issue where placing construction items while jumping could push you through walls 
  • Added Blizzard weather event, which will make you much colder if you're out in the open 
  • Improved UI performance 
  • Made pistol significantly cheaper 
  • Added ambient visual effects for Forest and Arctic biomes (leaves and snow) 
  • Made structures have a distance based LOD as well as screen space, to improve client performance 
  • Changed drill placement so the construction item itself enforces the exclusion distance - you will not be able to place drills close to each other 
  • Made ownership stake smoke significantly more efficient 
  • Made ownership stakes only begin smoking 20 minutes from their deathorisation 
  • The Goat's Mangler wheel can now be shot out properly 
  • Cars are now can't be claimed if they're not drivable (have 4 wheels, engine, gearbox) 
  • Cars are now able to be dissasembled with the Wrench if they are claimed, at a slower rate than unclaimed cars 
  • Disassembled cars now drop better loot 
  • Vastly improved server performance on player connection and disconnection 
  • Improved 3rd person crouched bow pose 
  • Infamy will now not be reduced by death 
  • Added a Binary Effects display to the hotbar (e.g. Burning, Hypothermia, Starving, etc) 
  • Added Binary Effects visuals for Burning, Wet, and Poisoned 
  • Being an outlaw will now make your nametag red for other players 
  • Added AFK kicker - players will be kicked automatically if they are detected as inactive. You can set this with afkkicktime <seconds> (default is 15 minutes) 
  • Fixed issue where savegames could fail to save player progress if they took too long to disconnect 
  • Upgraded to Unity 5.3.2p4 
  • Fixed a major server side performance issue when sending new objects to clients 
  • Added new console command bakenavmesh <map> which will create a new AI navmesh for player made maps 
  • Disabled some APIs being used to fake player numbers 
  • Made gunsmoke less intensive on FPS 
  • Extended server and client FPS readouts to format <average> (<min> - <max>) , the min and max show the fastest and slowest frame across the sample. Helping debug fps spikes. 
  • Added force single threaded renderer launch option, some machines see a large drop in input latency with this set. Framerates will be slightly lower, but overall feels tighter to me. 
  • Fixed some scenarios where the shotgun would get into a broken state and keep reloading 
  • Improved vehicle exits to make them less likely to push players through walls 
  • Fixed an issue where placing an ownership stake while there was currently one deauthorising would make that stake not work
Hurtworld Patch Sun, 07 Feb 2016 00:25 CET
VERSION (05-FEB-2016)
  • Vehicles use drastically less CPU while not being driven
  • Added no-building zones to all roads
  • Added decay to ownership stakes. Stakes will now require Amber or they will deauthorise. More info on this below.
  • Added ownership to vehicles. You can now claim one vehicle.
  • Added decay to vehicles. Unclaimed vehicles will be destroyed over time.
  • Added Wrench. This item can be used to disassemble vehicles, which will drop a loot crate.
  • Added new Goat wheel - the Mangler
  • Added new Roach wheel - the Toretto
  • Adjusted think speeds on most objects, and adjusted how they report costs. This should fix issues in high-pop servers where FPS was high but there were significant delays in things being processed by the load balancer.
  • Changed how AI path around buildings - this should hopefully stop animals running through walls
  • Made spawning weather perform much better
  • Added more tools for debugging performance
  • Fixed jitter on Server Browser scrollbar
  • Added server IP binding - use the <code>bindip <ip></code> command.
  • Updated localisation
  • Added scrollable chat
  • Made Russian hat a top tier head item
  • Added 2 new drills that can only be placed in the red desert and snow respectively, they will yield rare ores
  • Can no longer swap items on write only slots
Changes to Ownership Stakes
You can place a maximum of 5 amber in a stake, that will be very slowly consumed. The default time per amber is 24 hours, although this is configurable by server owners. This means that, by default, an unattended ownership stake will deauthorise in 5 days. Slow servers should probably increase this time, and fast servers decrease it. 

Once the stake is low on amber, it will create a plume of red smoke, visible from far away. Once the stake has run out of amber, it will deauthorise everyone, do a slow countdown to destruction and eventually destroy itself, freeing up the land. 

This creates player-driven decay, as you can go around clearing old abandoned bases for easy resources. Be wary though - it could be a trap! We think the cost is reasonable enough that even solo players should be able to maintain a few bases fairly easily, if they play every couple of days. It should hopefully also create some areas of contention around large bases that become abandoned and unclaimed. 

For Server Owners
If you're a server owner, and decide NOT to wipe, all old ownership stakes will be maintained and filled with 3 amber when you reload the save. If you plan to change the time it takes for a stake to deauthorise, you MUST do this before you load and save your savegame, otherwise you'll get some strange behaviour. You can set the total time it takes a full ownership stake to deauthorise with the "stakedeauthtime <seconds>" command in your autoexec.cfg. This holds in general - changing this value when you're not wiping will lead some stakes to behave differently to others. 

Changes to Vehicles
Every player can now own one vehicle. You can do this by opening up it's inventory, and clicking the CLAIM button up the top right. Anyone can drive a claimed car, and modify it's inventory. Claimed cars won't despawn if left alone. 

Unclaimed cars WILL destroy themselves if left alone. The default time this takes is 3 hours. 

You can also manually disassemble unclaimed cars with a new item - the Wrench. Disassembled cars will drop loot! 

This should mean cars recycle, meaning one clan doesn't end up with all of the coolest chassis, while everyone else has to coast around with that one Sharkweek bumper. 

For Server Owners
Again, if you're a server owner, and decide NOT to wipe, cars will NOT decay until you do, or until you manually set the vehicle decay time with the command "vehicledecaytime <seconds>". Your garages are safe. 

Drill Proximity Changes
Drills now have a reduced yield if placed within 10 meters of another powered drill. The total yield of all drills in range of eachother will be roughly 1 + (count-1)*0.3, 

In other words, 2 drills are only 30% better than one drill if they are in range of eachother. 

There is no UI to indicate the number of drills in proximity right now which is a bit shitty, the best way to tell is if the drill finishes mining an item and you get nothing despite having empty slots, it is being blocked by another drill. 

This means you need more space to run drills, with the upkeep changes on stakes, land is a bit more expensive to keep. 

To make up for some of this drills the base yield is twice as fast (30 seconds). 

Drills now have 3 tiers
Drill A
Cost: 50 Titranium, 50 Stone, 10 Amber 

The first tier must be placed in the forest, dunes or starting biome. This now yields Rock, Iron, Titranium and Coal. 

Drill B
Cost: 50 Mondinium, 50 Stone, 10 Amber 

This must be placed in the Red Desert and yields Rock, Iron and Mondinium 

Drill C
Cost: 50 Ultranium, 50 Stone, 10 Amber 

This must be placed in the arctic biome and yields Rock, Iron and Ultranium. 

Drills used to be a way to avoid progressing through the game. Combined with dynamite you could completely bypass having to deal with pushing through the tougher biomes and just get everything you need. 

One of the design principals we are working towards is: Make stuff hard the first time you do it, but give options to invest in making it easier. 

Drills fill this gap with mining in that they don't give you anything you don't already have (as they mine the resource used to craft them), they just make it so you can opt to remove the grindyness of mining if you want to. Manual mining should be faster unless you invest a shitload in land to automate the mining of large quantities. 

Having 3 tiers that are locked to biomes stops the drill being a way to bypass parts of the progression, but a way to automate some of the repetitive work once you have passed the gearcheck of the biome and gathered the resources the drill yields manually. 

Hurtworld Patch Fri, 15 Jan 2016 19:33 CET

Hurtworld's First Content / Balance Patch is Live!

After a month and a half of work on stability, we finally got a chance to start pushing forward with content and balance changes. 

This patch brings a heap of work that should drasticly affect the PVP metagame along with new weapons, traps, character customization. 

20% more Hurt. Get HYPE. 


  • Added pistol 
  • Added a quick dirty inaccuracy to guns, movement speed and firing in rapid succession both contribute to an inaccuracy factor. Its by no means the changes I plan to implement for recoil, however its the best I could do in an hour with no sleep. Hopefully it makes guns slightly less OP. 
  • Split pistol, bolt and AR to different ammo types 
  • Added 10 animal masks that sometimes drop from each creature 
  • Added bor backpacks 
  • Added Russian Hat 
  • Added Landcrab Mine 
  • Added Poison Trap 
  • Added Medusa Vine 
  • Added storage chest (20 slots) 
  • Goat now has its own engine, wheels and gearbox slot type 
  • Vehicle parts can no longer be removed from vehicles once added 
  • Vehicles no longer spawn with parts in them, you must find them in loot caches 
  • Town loot caches respawn twice as fast and have a higher upper limit count 
  • Reworked most of the loot cache loot table, det caps + wheels are more common 
  • Fixed hovercars 
  • Ownership stakes can no longer be picked up by a hammer and must be destroyed with an iron axe or better 
  • Static construction prefabs now refund a percentage of their cost 
  • Sombrero is now craftable 
  • Added mask face slot to character 
  • Drills no longer mine metals above iron, this is a temp fix until I have time to balance them better 
  • Gasoline recipe now makes 3 instead of 5 
  • Sunscreen now provides 50 sun protection instead of 100 
  • Aussie Hat now provides 50 sun protection instead of 120 
  • Aussie hat costs more 
  • Skater hat now reduces fall damage by 50% 
  • Flannel costs slightly more 
  • Ownership stakes now need to be placed at ground level or on a rock 
  • Fixed ownership stakes interaction volume being too tall and sometimes poking through the roof of buildings 
  • Reduced interaction distance from 5 to 3 meters 
  • Made storage locker more expensive to craft 
  • Decreased leather drop rate

Hurtworld Patch Sat, 09 Jan 2016 17:48 CET
VERSION (9-JAN-2016) 

- Merged savegame files into a single file. New format is roughly 1 40th the size of the old one. Existing saves should be loaded fine. 
- Fixed names not showing on ownership stakes until after they have logged in since restart 
- Improved performance of doors serverside 
- Doors no longer teleport you out of their bounds when closing, instead they fail to close and open again if someone is blocking them. This should solve rock exploits. 
- Fixed an exploit where vehicles could be used to get inside foundations and rocks 
- Added configuration value "spawnercellupdatesperframe". This will increase the number of spawner cells that are processed per frame it used to be 5 and is now 10, 5 was far too slow. Increasing it may destroy server performance but will speed up the spawner delay when moving to a new area.(edited) 
- Added "maxping" server setting, set in milliseconds to lock out any players with a higher average ping 
- Fixed emote car exploit / bug 
- Added ability to set spawn location on ownership stake, if none are set you will spawn on the beach (Stakes are not teleporters) 
- Fixed sanitizing of rich text tags in names 
- Client now renders full inventory of Storage Lockers.

Source :]]>
Hurtworld Patch Thu, 10 Dec 2015 15:53 CET
VERSION (10-DEC-2015) 

  • Added timer to respawn - if you are authorised at an ownership stake, your respawn time will increase by <IncreaseOnDeath(default 10)> seconds every time you die. You respawn time will fall down back to 10 seconds over time. These values are configurable per server. spawncooldown - see wiki for details 
  • Added combatlogtimeout server setting, players will stay in the game for <default(10)> seconds after they disconnect, you can't reconnect while your dummy is still in game (this is not the best solution but will do for now) 
  • Added ability to ban players by SteamID (ban , unban ) 
  • Fixed groundsliding bug 
  • Fixed megajump exploit 
  • Tweaked the town crate loot tables a bit 
  • Fixed storms only happening once per restart 
  • Moved doors from deferred spawn to instant spawn on client 
  • Fixed vehicles falling through the world / moving around while idle (this turned out to be a bug in physx so is pretty hard to nail down completely, looks to be stable now though) 
  • Changed server browser to handle high number of servers, as well as implemented favorites. 
  • Fixed some issues with spawners where vehicles and loot could stop spawning 
  • Added no-build zones to relics that were missing them 
  • Removed stupily high sun protection from T-Shirts

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