Blog Feed en Fri, 15 Feb 2019 13:32 CET is a Hurtworld servers list. Its goal is to provide an efficient way for players to find a server that suits their needs and also for servers owners to get more players on their servers. 60 Dev Update 152 Fri, 15 Feb 2019 13:32 CET

Hi Hurtworldians!

In this weeks dev update we check out some new gear, outline our plans for the next patch and unveil the flagship feature of our first V2 content patch which we're really excited about: Physics Tethers

Check out the full update here:]]>
Hotfix Is Live and Official Servers Have Wiped Fri, 15 Feb 2019 11:04 CET
Hey Hurtworldians,

We've delayed the major content patch until the next wipe (28th Feb, more info on this in our next devblog coming very soon) but have got a hotfix patch with some important bugfixes for you instead.

Official servers are also wiping with this patch but community servers can make their own decision as saves are still compatible.
As always the 'oldversion' beta branch is hosting so you can continue to play on community servers until they update.

Full Changelog
    • Improved camera collision detection again to stop players peeking into bases
    • Fixed construction placement validation volumes on several construction pieces
    • Fixed some layout issues in clan UI
    • Added an extra player volume to sleepers so construction validation checks against them are identical to players
    • Items with durability can no longer be recycled
    • Halved Beretta 9mm Pistol fire rate
    • Fixed players occasionally respawning at vehicles instead of their chosen respawn point
    • Added a vertical offset to crash vehicle camera to stop it colliding with the ground when rolling (makes camera much smoother when crashing)
    • Fixed ammo UI being cutoff for some languages
    • Fixed Mozzy claiming not consuming the amber cost
    • Fixed Mozzy sounds playing at incorrect times
    Hotfix Is Live! Mon, 11 Feb 2019 10:51 CET

    Hi Hurtworldians,

    After a fair bit of chaos over the weekend where all our official servers were hit by a coordinated DDOS attack specifically designed to exploit a vulnerability in the network middle-ware we use, all official servers are back online and immune to the weekends attacks.

    All servers should be in the same state they were at the start of the attacks yesterday with no decay or amber consumption from stakes.

    We apologise for the downtime, and we are pretty confident that this vulnerability is now fixed and should make our official and community servers much more robust.

    Thanks for hanging in there with us.

    Change Log:
    • Big improvements to targeted DDOS attack protection
    • Fixed Emote crouch bypassing stand up check and being used to get into rocks
    Hotfix Is Live! Wed, 06 Feb 2019 10:58 CET

    Hi Hurtworldians,

    Tonight we have another critical but unexciting iterative hotfix patch to further work on server performance. This patch focuses heavily on runtime memory allocations reducing garbage collector spikes. This should take a lot of pressure off full servers, hopefully reducing the "rewind/backwards" lag spikes that are causing our receive buffers to cap out and lose packets. Not 100% there yet, we will keep iterating over the week.

    Change Log:
    • Permanent fix for OSX crash from network API bypass
    • Item invalidation / creation no longer allocates a ton of serverside allocations
    • Removed a ton of redundant map marker network objects
    • Ported object event subscriptions away from delegates to reduce allocations
    • Reduced max CPU usage of weather systems and spawn director
    Hotfix Is Now Live! Fri, 01 Feb 2019 09:01 CET

    Hey Hurtworldians,

    Another hotfix patch for you tonight with more improvements to DDoS protection and performance.
    We've also added some quality of life improvements in the form of a new storage item for heavy slot resources + an inverted pitch control option for Mozzys.

    We're also wiping official servers with this patch and community servers will be forced to wipe also when they update.
    As always the 'oldversion' beta branch is pointing at the previous version ( so you can change to this to continue to play on community servers until they update.

    • Added a heavy storage rack for storing heavy slot items
    • Improved DDoS protection
    • Added MinSpikeDebugTime console setting that will configure how often warnings for long frames will be output. Defaults to 5 seconds, will output a warning whenever a frame takes longer than the time (in seconds). If profiling server performance, a value of 0.5 should provide some good insight. We are curious what the max these spikes get up to on community servers
    • Added invert pitch option toggle for helicopters
    • Fixed in game changelog not showing properly
    • Improved positioning of owrong and bandage items
    • Improved entity update tick timing when in low performance situations (should improve smoothness and consistency when running FPS less than twice the tick rate)
    • Added handling for EAC shutdown error preventing servers from shutting down and restarting smoothly
    Hurtworld Dev Blog #151 Fri, 01 Feb 2019 07:57 CET

    Hi Hurtworldians!

    It's been a wild couple of weeks keeping the wheels on V2 with the massive influx of players from our launch. It's been amazing to see everyone jumping in to what we've been working on in the background and giving some awesome feedback.

    We're slowly getting things under control and are laying plans for our next content releases and server wipe cycles.

    Check out the full details here:]]>
    Hotfix Is Live! Fri, 25 Jan 2019 12:40 CET

    Hey Hurtworldians,

    We've got another hotfix patch for you tonight with more improvements to performance (especially server side), fixing items that could have been recolorable but weren't and fixing the third person camera to stop players peeking inside bases with strange camera angles.

    We've also fixed a MacOSX networking issue that was preventing clients from connecting to servers. Please note we still need to fix some shader compilation issues on some Mac setups that cause the server connection to time out on the first try, make sure to try joining a server more than once if you are having problems!

    As always the 'oldversion' beta branch is pointing at the previous version ( so you can continue to play on community servers before they update.

    • Fixed an issue with MacOSX version not being able to connect to servers
    • World item generation refactored and performance improved (should help with item falling through world issues)
    • Mozzy chassis can now be recolored and will accept Mozzy paint masks
    • Improvised bow can now be recolored
    • Improved camera near clipping plane collision detection (fixes being able to peek into bases by placing your camera at strange angles in third person perspective)
    • Fixed race condition in server interaction blast casts
    • Reduced memory allocations resulting in more consistent performance
    Hotfix Is Live! Mon, 21 Jan 2019 16:51 CET

    Hi Guys,

    Tonight's hotfix further iterates on network stability and performance. We located some serious issues with our background network thread that were being exploited by targeted DDOS attacks to bring down servers.

    These should now be fixed along with significantly reduced ram usage on the client and the server.

    The reduced ram usage should solve the issues people with low ram have been having connecting to servers since the last patch.

    Change Log
    • Patched an exploit in RPC layer that could be used to crash the server with malformed packets
    • Fixed race conditions in background network thread
    • Removed over eager allocation of network message buffers using tons of ram
    • Reduced frame lease pool of network messages on client (less ram usage)
    • Added "frameleasebitstreampool <count>" console command to expand bitstream pool. Increase this if you are getting frame lease exceeded by <count>. Default on the server is 1500, only increase by amounts exceeded.
    Hotfix Is Live! Fri, 18 Jan 2019 16:00 CET

    Hi Hurtworldians,

    Tonight we have a server performance hotfix that should alleviate a lot of the movement corrections on full servers. There is still a bit of work to do on the server perf but this should be a good step towards getting everything tickityboo.

    This patch also fixes the autodetection of low ram mode which was getting stomped by the fixes to the configuration saving.

    For server owners we also added a new admin command to jump the connection queue. Usage:
    jumpqueue <steamid>

    As well as the ability to use rcon from inside the queue.

    The "playerid" command will put your steamid into your clipboard for quick jumping of self through queue.

    Lastly server connection issues now render on top of the UI.

    We'll be monitoring the servers to ensure the fixes are improving things and will keep working on perf improvements into the weekend.

    Thanks for your patience, happy hunting.]]>
    Server Performance Status Update Thu, 17 Jan 2019 09:39 CET

    Hi Hurtworldians,

    Usually we would post a devblog outlining the status of all the issues we are working on, but given the urgency of fixing the server performance I've opted to throw a quick status update out so we can keep working on getting it resolved.

    The last patch we put out contained profiling code that allowed us to monitor our busy official servers in realtime and analyse the data.

    We've now identified the root cause of the lag spikes happening across busy servers and are working hard to get it resolved.

    The good news is that the issue is fairly contained and should only take a couple of days to repair, once this is done I expect our servers to run flawlessly.

    Given the weekend is approaching and the repairs may take me a couple of days, Tom is working on a quick fix that will significantly improve the situation until the proper fix is complete. Hopefully this will mean we have things in a decent state by the weekend.

    Thanks for your patience <3]]>
    Hotfix Is Live! Wed, 16 Jan 2019 13:31 CET

    Hi Hurtworldians,

    Tonight's hotfix focuses mainly on improving server performance. While this patch won't give big gains, it gives us the tools to profile our servers and determine whats causing the lag spikes.

    Players being starved of entity spawns should be now fixed.

    Ram optimisation on the client should have also improved a lot. Low ram mode has been moved into the game options and will automatically turn on for anyone with less than 5gb of ram. This is a quick fix for people with 4gb of ram struggling to get into game, we will likely improve the solution in future so everyone can have access to full res textures.

    We are working around the clock to isolate the server performance issue, I have high hopes everything will be sorted by the weekend.

    Happy hunting!

    Full Changelog
    • Deferred spawn system no longer starves players that joined the game late of entity spawns
    • Removed Low Ram Mode from launch options and added to options menu
    • Added automatic Low Ram detection
    • Fixed options not saving on restart
    • Heavily optimised meteor showers and cargo plane network traffic
    • Removed nonsense numbers from "debug 1" text
    • Removed a ton of useless server debug messages
    • Server is now forced to use low ram mode
    • Crunched a bunch of level textures that didn't need to be high res
    Hurtworld Hotfix Is Live! Mon, 14 Jan 2019 11:05 CET

    Hey Hurtworldians,

    We've just pushed out a hotfix patch containing a Low Ram Mode launch option to help players on low spec machines connect to servers as well as some other small fixes and UI hints.
    As always the previous build is available on the 'oldversion' beta branch so you can continue to play on community servers that have not updated yet.
    Full patch notes below: Changelog:
    • Removed default ping filter from server browser. Server browser pings are often inaccurate, use in game ping as indicator through 'debug 1' in console
    • Added Low Ram Mode as launch option
    • Disabled turning off EAC
    • Beds can now be placed without build rank on clan ownership cells if you are part of the clan
    • Added ping indicator in debug text (f1 -> debug 1)
    • Fixed door costs being out of sync with UI
    Hurtworld V2 Is Now Live Sun, 13 Jan 2019 07:59 CET

    Hi Hurtworldians!

    Its finally here, after 2 years of work its finally here. Hurtworld V2 is now live on the main branch. Its been a long road to get here, but we're really proud of where we are at with the game.

    It's been amazing to see so many players old and new jump in for the launch.

    Buzz aside, we're in this for the long run and unlike our Early Access launch that exploded beyond our expectations, this time we are a lot better prepared. We've got a ton of big updates in the pipeline and we're confident we've ironed out the issues that have slowed us down in the past.

    An enormous amount has changed since Hurtworld V1, below is a comprehensive list of changes that should get you upto speed.

    See you out there <3

    Clans have been added to the game
    Players apply to join clans, clan officers and admins accept or reject applications
    Online clan members are marked on the map and their nameplates are recolored green and draw at a longer distance
    Clan totems have been added that work like ownership stakes except entire clans are authorized instead of individual players

    Amber protection
    Added amber protection to many items, these items can be protected for a small amber cost so they do not drop on death (the amber drops instead)

    Customisation (gear)
    Gear can now be customised with various consumables that can change colors, patterns and item names

    Added fragments that can be inserted into items with spare upgrade points to give them extra stat bonuses

    Customisation (players)
    Players can now change their base appearance, hair style and facial hair

    Town events
    Added town events that start randomly around the map and are marked with a yellow circle
    Control town events are won by being the only player standing on the capture point until it is fully captured
    Loot frenzy events spawn extra loot boxes that have more loot than usual and are marked on the map

    Meteor strikes spawn randomly around the map and are marked on the map by colored circles matching the color of the rich resource nodes they spawn

    Air drops
    Air drops spawn around the map dropping valuable loot caches, these are not marked on the map so keep your ear out for planes flying overhead

    Added the Mozzy helicopter into the game, these chassis have a rare chance of spawning in towns

    Heavy slot
    Added heavy slot items, players can only carry one of these items at a time and will move slower while carrying them. Additionally players cannot enter vehicles while carrying a heavy item or equip gear from the hotbar.

    Added the Slug truck into the game, they can carry up to six heavy slot items at a time and are useful for transporting them around

    Overhauled weapon simulation (recoil etc)
    We've upgraded our weapon simulation to include recoil and contextual bloom that effects the gun differently depending on movement speed and whether or not the player is grounded.

    We've rebuilt all the weapons in the game to match the new graphic style and take advantage of our new item system.
    Most weapons now have attachments that can be swapped out to give the weapon different stats and behaviour (eg. sights, magazines, silencers)

    New level
    Diemensland has been replaced with our new level Nullius

    We've added a minimap and compass to the UI as well as a full screen map overlay that can be toggled with the 'M' key by default

    Territory control
    Territory control points have been added that can be captured and controlled by clans
    Territory control points show their owner on the map
    Territory control points create rare heavy slot resources roughly every 20 hours, if one has spawned and is waiting to be collected this will be indicated on the map
    Territory control points can only be defended with wooden and concrete constructions
    Added Territory C4 which is a cheap to craft C4 that can only be deployed at territory control points
    Territory control points accumulate clan ranking points which can need to be claimed from the point, these points are then used to rank the clans in the clan roster for bragging rights

    Jump puzzles
    Several 'jump puzzles' have been added to the level, these are hard to complete jump tracks for the Kanga motorbike that reward rare materials that can be traded for rare Kanga panels

    Rare crafters
    Added crafting machines to major towns that craft vehicle panels and other rare items in return for heavy slot resources and jump puzzle rewards

    Connection Queue
    Servers now place players into a queue when they are full (default queue size is 20)

    Rare creatures
    Creatures have a chance to spawn as a rare variant with different colors, upgraded stats and rare loot

    Interaction tabs
    All nearby interactable items are now listed as tab buttons on the left of the screen when the character window (inventory) is open
    The clan window and handcrafting menu are also accessed via these interaction tabs

    A recycler machine has been added that can turn spare items back into their original materials (with some loss)

    Temperature overhaul + thermometer ui ** food buff
    Biomes now have a consistent day and night temperature rather than constantly blending between the two
    Hot and cold protection stats now increase your maximum and minimum safe temperatures respectively
    Added a thermometer ui that displays maximum and minimum safe temperatures as well as the current temperature
    Being well fed (having less than 25% hunger) gives a small buff to temperature protection, eating a cooked steak provides a short buff to temperature protection as well. These buffs stack

    Added consumable bandages that are used while standing still and heal the player]]>
    Hurtworld V2 Launch Tue, 08 Jan 2019 19:51 CET

    Hi Hurtworldians!

    We're super excited to announce the time has finally come to officially launch Hurtworld V2 this Saturday the 12th of January.

    In our 150th dev blog we reveal the new teaser trailer as well highlight all the changes that will be rolling out with V2 vs V1.

    The experimental branch has been shut down for maintenance in the leadup to the launch on Saturday.

    Hurtworld legacy will remain accessible as a launch option.

    Check out all the details here:

    Hurtworld Dev Blog #149 Thu, 20 Dec 2018 13:35 CET
    Hi Hurtworldians!

    In this weeks dev update we check out the graphics pass on both axes, and go hard on balance and performance leading up to the V2 release.

    Check out the full update here:]]>
    Exp Patch Is Live! Thu, 13 Dec 2018 16:59 CET

    Hi Hurtworldians!

    Tonight we have the patch everyone has been waiting for, bringing back vehicle theft, making vehicle crafting come from melting down chassis in towns, and bringing back tons of town loot all day long.

    Loot balance in this patch pushes further towards progression speed, getting everyone geared up faster and into end game with enough resources to risk in fights.

    Happy Hunting!

    Full Changelog
    • Vehicle beacons have been removed
    • Kangas, Roaches and Goats can no longer be destroyed (they can still be disassembled though)
    • Claimed vehicle inventories are no longer locked
    • Vehicle wheels can be destroyed again
    • Scrap has been removed
    • The vehicle crafter has been removed
    • The vehicle wrench is now crafted from the wood workbench
    • Claiming a vehicle will first unclaim any current claims of the same type
    • Map tracking added for claimed vehicles in close proximity
    • Emission is now animated and controlled by power for campfire, firepit and blast furnace
    • Added town loot spawns to all town event locations
    • Large mining rocks that can only be mined with explosives can now fall from meteor showers in the snow and red desert biomes
    • Dynamite is now craftable from titranium workbench
    • New coal model
    • Hair added to most hat models
    • Lower LODs created for many assets
    • Item icons updated
    • World item scales updated
    • Clan creator visuals updated
    • Blast furnace flame particle position lowered
    • Interaction tabs now fallback to handcrafting window when no other left hand side window is open
    • Improved Nullius' shorline
    • Fixed group id pooling issue (fixes map marker issues)
    • Stopped player ragdolls colliding with loot boxes to improve ragdoll consistency
    • Vehicles can now only power on when the drivers seat is occupied
    • Territory control zones now reset their build restrictions when captured
    • Updated gearbox and engine names to include vehicle types
    • Wheels, gearboxes and engines will now be added to loot on vehicle disassembly rather than being destroyed
    • Fixed several broken ladders in town events
    • AR15 ironsight ads fov set to 75%
    • Changed mini rank for authorizing on clan totem or capturing a territory marker to recruit (was officer)
    • Vehicle disassembly loot rebalanced
    • Increased rare creature spawn rates
    Hurtworld Dev Blog #147 Wed, 05 Dec 2018 13:22 CET

    Hi Hurtworldians!

    In this weeks dev update we go into detail about our next patch, starting a big optimization pass and talk V2 release.

    Check out the full update here:]]>
    Hurtworld Dev Blog #146 Tue, 27 Nov 2018 18:15 CET

    Hi Hurtworldians!

    In this weeks dev update, we look at the Mozzy damage model, some admin tools for content creators, do a pass on all item poses, more work on the coastline and recreate a classic scene for the trailer.

    Check out the full update here:]]>
    Hurtworld Dev Blog #145 Fri, 23 Nov 2018 06:50 CET

    Hi Hurtworldians!

    In this weeks dev update we check out the first footage of the Mozzy flying around in game, we revive the long lost Slug truck, rework the nullius coastline and more!

    Check out the full update here:]]>
    Hurtworld Dev Blog #144 Tue, 13 Nov 2018 14:20 CET
    Hi Hurtworldians!

    In this weeks dev update, we look at the gfx pass on our machines, territory control map updates, progress on the new trailer and start working on implementing the Mozzy helicopter in game!

    Check out the full update here:
    Exp Hotfix Is Live! Fri, 09 Nov 2018 09:44 CET

    Hi Hurtworldians,

    Hotfix is now live with some fixes and improvements from last nights patch.

    We also added an admin quality of life feature that allows admins to teleport to their marker on the map.

    To use set a map marker and type in console: teleportmarker

    • Fixed not being able to build with normal stake if you weren't in a clan
    • Fixed missing storm spawners
    • Fixed missing vehicle spawners
    • Reduced storm spawn frequency and duration
    • Added teleportmarker admin console command
    • Fixed some broken roads in nullius
    • Fixed Linux EAC hashing
    • Fixed Locker LOD issues
    Exp Patch Is Live! Thu, 08 Nov 2018 10:07 CET
    Hi Hurtworldians!

    Tonight we have our new Territory Control system rolling out to all experimental servers. This system adds 10 special construction cells to the map that reward clans with bragging rights of controlling the map as well as accumulate points towards upcoming clan vanity systems.

    Currently PVP points do nothing but rank your clans, soon they will be able to be used to unlock various things in game.

    These build cells allow use of a much cheaper C4 variant and only allow building with weak materials to keep things volatile.

    Players who die inside these cells will be locked out for a period of time allowing a fairer online PVP experience.

    We've also done a fairly large overhaul of machine graphics as well as redesigned all the male characters.

    All players should see a decent performance increase as the first step of our optimisation with much more to come in the near future.

    Vehicle attachment spawns have been boosted by a massive amount to make vehicles more accessible in the leadup to our revamp of vehicles coming soon to bring things back closer to V1.

    Happy Hunting!

    Full ChangeLog
    • Added territory control points all over the map that reward clans with PVP points
    • Clans are now ranked in the clans screen by points accumulated
    • Added new territory c4 for raiding territory control points. This is far cheaper than normal c4
    • Increased wood drop rate
    • Fixed bug where you couldn’t zoom the map if hovering over a marker
    • Redesigned clan totem
    • Updated campfire visuals
    • Updated fire pit visuals
    • Updated locker visuals
    • Updated c4 visuals
    • Redesigned all 3 male characters (edited)
    • Optimised environment rocks to use far less polygons, should give a good boost to FPS.
    • Fixed duplicate environment assets spawning in the map
    • Polished a lot of the clan UI
    • Made shoreline not so shit
    • Redisigned first and third person hands to not look like french fries
    • Clan tags now show in chat
    • Massively boosted vehicle attachment spawns on world chassis
    Hurtworld Dev Blog #143 Wed, 31 Oct 2018 18:55 CET
    Hi Hurtworldians!

    In this weeks dev update we go into detail about the upcoming endgame territory control PVP system, check out the revamped workbench and ownership stake, character head revamp and date for the next patch.

    Check out the full update here:

    Exp Patch Is Live! Thu, 18 Oct 2018 16:57 CEST

    Hi Hurtworldians!

    Tonight we have a decent sized patch with the first cut of the new Clans system. The system allows you to manage your group, easily identify who your mates are, and track them on the map.

    Along with the system there is also a Clan totem that will allow you to authorize your entire clan in one click on an ownership territory.

    By itself the clans system won't have a massive impact, but lays some important groundwork for some endgame systems that will be dependent on having these things in place.

    We've also overhauled how our interaction UI works, things should be a lot more consistent when interacting with machines and other interaction windows like handcrafting.

    Happy Hunting!

    Full Changelog (
    • Overhauled interaction UI to allow multiple touches on client and clicking through available interactables
    • New Clans System
    • Clan Totem
    • Doubled amber drop chance
    • Increased iron drop rate
    • Increased wood drop rate
    • Automatic drill machine visuals updated
    • Blast furnace visuals updated
    • FPS arms updated
    • Removed default attachments from AR15 and AWM loot tables
    • Map marker performance increased
    • FR18 Jacket Silencer and Locus Scope are now supported by the Camouflage mask
    • BoltAction guns (FR18 and AWM) now require a bolt pull on first equip before firing
    • FoV in options is now set as horizontal FoV, FoV max increased to 110
    • Sighted zooms are now calculated as a % of base FoV rather than an explicit number
    • Console command 'setres' format has changed to 'setres <resolutionIndex> <fullscreen true/false>', console command 'reslist' will show compatible resolution list
    • Fixed a bug in ItemCustomisationWindow where if an item with multiple redundant SkinnedMeshAttachmentConfigurations could throw exceptions if there were at least 3 custom pixel index conflicts.
    • Improved third person camera line of sight check
    • Weather systems now have a longer falloff area at their edges
    • World items are now forced asleep after 10 seconds
    • AWM and AR15 scale adjusted
    • Improved performance of vehicle health sync
    • Activated GPU instancing for several environmental assets
    • Improved uber shader performance when backfaces are culled
    • Fixed incorrect removal ghost on Titranium workbench
    • Fixed incorrect low LODs on Iron Ore resource node
    • Fixed incorrect name display when looking at someone elses bed UI
    Hurtworld Dev Blog #142 Wed, 17 Oct 2018 18:19 CEST

    Hi Hurtworldians!

    In this weeks update we check out 2 new character heads, new clan totem, finally start work on higher tier doors, revamped interaction UI, and meet the newest member of the Bankroll team Henry.

    Check out the full update here:]]>
    Hurtworld Dev Blog #141 Mon, 08 Oct 2018 12:26 CEST

    Hi Hurtworldians,

    In this weeks dev update we check out the new clan totem, and progress on the upcoming clans system along with a pushed back release date of the clans patch.

    Check out the full update here:]]>
    Hurtworld Dev Blog #140 Mon, 01 Oct 2018 10:58 CEST

    Hi Hurtworldians,

    In this weeks dev update we push towards the clans update, make a bit of progress on hair stuff and check out the new blast furnace.

    Check out the full update here:]]>
    Hurtworld Dev Blog #139 Mon, 24 Sep 2018 11:59 CEST

    Hi Guys,

    In this weeks dev update we check out pimping out the drill and the blast furnace and R&D work on face updates. We also go deeper on the support systems needed for the upcoming clans feature and details on the next patch.

    Check out the full update here:]]>
    Hurtworld Dev Blog #138 Tue, 18 Sep 2018 17:11 CEST

    Hi Hurtworldians!

    In this weeks dev update, we check out plans for our upcoming clans system, endgame territory control system, drill and character upgrades.

    Check out the full update here:]]>
    Hurtworld Dev Blog #137 Fri, 07 Sep 2018 11:22 CEST

    Hi Hurtworldians!

    In this weeks update I've written part one of a multi part essay series where I word vomit design thoughts on how we are gonna make V2 the best game ever based on our discussions in the forums etc. Beware wall of text!

    Check out the full update here:]]>