Blog Feed en Fri, 17 Mar 2023 17:07 CET is a Hurtworld servers list. Its goal is to provide an efficient way for players to find a server that suits their needs and also for servers owners to get more players on their servers. 60 Hurtworld Patch Is Now Live Fri, 17 Mar 2023 17:07 CET
Tonight we have a small quality of life and maintenance patch that should fix up a lot of the biggest issues that should keep Hurtworld stable for a long time into the future.

The largest change is the switch over to Epic Online Services (EOS) for our anticheat framework from EAC. (You will currently still see Easy Anti Cheat in the bootstrapper, this is normal and will likely have the art replaced soon)

As a side effect of moving to EOS, Hurtworld should now be supported on Steam Deck. Don't expect a perfect experience on this but it will run.

We also collected a list of criticial issues plauging servers, patching a number of exploits around build permissions and peeking through walls.

This patch will enforce a wipe across all servers.

Full Changelog

- AntiCheat now provided by EOS AntiCheat (Epic Online Services)
- Added server console command 'enforceeac <0/1>' to turn AntiCheat off/on (must be ran during startup)
- Added server console commands 'disableddosprotection' and 'enableddosprotection' to enable/disable DDOS protection
- Added client console command 'mutelist' to show list of muted players by SteamID
- Fixed the 'unmute' server console command not working
- Allowed the 'unmute' console command to run on client (takes SteamID as argument)
- Fixed inside rock check not applying properly to several island rocks
- Added no build area around map edges
- Fixed respawn window displaying too early if player's sleeper is killed during loading
- Changed the way biome validation works on construction and placement (fixes builds in no build areas after server desync)
- Items crafted from the fabricator can now be recycled
- Fixed construction validation appearing incorrect on first equip of placement/build item
- Removed collision from campfires
- Fixed Mozzy interaction window failing to open on first interaction
- Fixed several spawns occurring underwater
- Made roach front seat unsafe like the rear seat so the passenger can crash if receiving a large force (fixes peeking exploit using roach front seat)
- Adjusted camera positioning for crash state to fix peeking exploits
- Plugged some holes in Nullius cliff faces and town events
- Hurtworld is now Steam Deck compatible (basic support only)]]>
Quality of Life Patch Going Live Tonight Fri, 17 Mar 2023 07:19 CET
It's been a while since our last update, and we want to thank you all for your patience and continued support. We know that our anti-cheat framework hasn't been performing as expected in recent times, and we understand your frustrations. Tonight, we are releasing a small patch to address the most significant outstanding issues.

Making the Switch to Epic Online Services
The team behind Easy Anti-Cheat was acquired by Epic Games some time ago, with the aim of not only securing Fortnite but also offering the same level of security to other partners under the Epic Online Services banner. During this transition, the detection capabilities of EAC have slowly diminished.

We're excited to announce that, with this update, we're switching from Easy Anti-Cheat to Epic Online Services. This change will significantly enhance our ability to detect and handle cheaters, ensuring a fair experience for all our players well into the future.

Hurtworld will remain on STEAM
We will not be moving from STEAM, nor do we have any plans to launch on the Epic Store in the near future. If we have integrated everything correctly, there should be no change to the way you play Hurtworld, unless you have cheats installed 😞

Patch will go live at 5pm Central European Time

A full list of quality of life improvements will be posted when we go live
Hotfix is Now Live Thu, 23 Jan 2020 07:16 CET
Tonight we have a small but important hotfix to resolve some issues surrounding the construction system. This update doesn't require a wipe, but may cause small construction pieces to rotate after patch. We recommend an update but most servers will survive without it.

As usual, if you're community server doesn't update immediately you can switch to our oldversion branch to continue playing.

Change Log:
  • Fixed various construction issues that let players break out of the constrained grid and stack walls next to eachother
  • Fixed issue when teleporting (respawning, initial connection, mod teleports) where structure visuals wouldn't load in instantly allowing xray of bases
  • Fixed errors loading savegames spamming rotation key 16 errors
Hurtworld Dev Update #162 Mon, 20 Jan 2020 18:38 CET
In the first dev update of 2020 we get back into things after the break and outline hotfix plans for this week as well as some of the features of the next content patch.

Check out the full update here:]]>
Hurtworld Leaves Early Access Wed, 11 Dec 2019 00:56 CET
After 6 years of development, tons of updates, plenty of challenges, a partial rewrite and over 60 million hours of playtime we are finally out of Early Access.

With this release comes a ton of bug fixes and quality of life changes and some fresh content.

New "Talon" Rocket Launcher
Since we introduced the rocket pods attachment to the Mozzy (Helicopter) life has been tough for players on the ground with no means of defence besides a lucky AWM shot on the pilot. This patch evens the field a lot by introducing the new Rocket Launcher.

Designed primarily as an anti air defence the launcher will make quick work of a Mozzy with a well aimed shot. It has some PVP viability but won't overpower better suited weapons and will require some skill to be useful.

New super rare Roach Asylum Body Kit
This badboy is heavily armored from all directions giving the driver good protection from would be attackers. While not immune to Mozzy attacks, it will provide some coverage from your enemies raining hell down on you. Getting your hands on this isn't easy, it will require continuous map control and a fair bit of grind for those clans who go really deep.

Making New Base Construction Easier
One of the hardest things when getting into Hurtworld (and sometimes for experienced players) is setting up your first proper base. The build system is intuitive enough when given the time to read the UI, trail and error around, find more materials before finally getting things secure. This becomes a very daunting task with the threats of the Hurtworld around you.

To make things easier we added a one click deployable 1x1 base complete with totem and bed that can be crafted at the workbench to get the basic security down. From there you can extend to your hearts content with the construction hammer. To prevent top players utilizing this as a field deployable outpost whenever they get shot, you are limited to 5 of these per wipe. Use them wisely!

The other big trip up for new players is accidentally building outside their claimed ownership cell and unknowingly letting people into their base for free. To solve this we added a new cheap tier construction hammer that can only build inside a cell that has been claimed, meaning if you accidentally drift outside your cell, you'll be blocked from building.

Additionally we force starter bases and start foundations to be built away from cell boundaries to ensure the spot that you finally start your mansion will be secure.

We've also refactored the grid that construction must conform to, to squash the build meta of exploiting awkward bugs to build the most secure bases.

The last on the build cake is a new construction removal grace period where if within 5 mins you remove a construction piece, you will get the full price back (instead of the usual half) meaning you can trial and error your way around until everything locks into place without it costing half your materials on mistakes.

Rebalanced Mozzy (Helicopter)
The golden age of Mozzy dominance is coming to a bit of an end. While still super powerful, we nerfed a few things to bring it back in line with the rest of the game now that a lot of people have mastered the art of flying and shooting. The equation on mining rockets is much tighter, and they also can't be used in PVP except against other Helicopters.

The End of The Rock Glitch
Rock exploits has been a fact of life since Hurtworld was created. Many times we thought we had it under control and those escape artists in our community would find another way through the rocks. I'm happy to say with a fair bit of confidence that rock exploits are now not possible. This is an automatic preventative measure that will kill anyone who tries, then report them to us. Attemps to use rock exploits will still result in lifetime bans. Dare I say, building up against a rock is now a good strategy again.

Fixing up cave bases
Having 40 thousand hand placed rocks in our map, every now and then make a formation that can be used to make an unraidable base. We've gone to extreme lengths with the help of our community to eliminate all these spots with a combination of nobuilds around shoreline and rocks filling inland ones, players will now need to figure out the new OP base meta.

Its been a wild ride with plenty more to come, thanks to everyone who has stuck around for the journey with us <3

Full Change Log
  • Added Talon Rocket Launcher
  • Fixed mozzy playing startup sounds when coming into range even if flying
  • Added steam trading cards, emotes and profile backgrounds
  • Improved anti rock exploit detection, enabled killing of players who are detected as well as reporting to developers.
  • Added end tier Asylum body kit for roach
  • Added a grace period where removing construction items will give a full refund to make construction mistakes free.
  • Construction attachments now must conform to a tighter grid, no more stacking walls 100 deep.
  • Added starter base deployment item to help new players get their first real base started with less risk.
  • Added new entry level construction hammer which can't be used outside owned terrain (with the exception of foundations)
  • Large pass on localization across many languages
  • Rewrote how impact effects are synced to other players. You should see correct impact types and positions for all impacts not just your own.
  • Added variable distance culling for vehicles allowing much longer draw distances on active vehicles (Temp disabled troubleshooting issues)
  • Rebalanced Mozzy Rockets:
  • - Mining rockets no longer damage players
  • - Increased the cost of mining rockets
  • - Increased the cost of Avgas
  • - Reduced explosion radius on mining rockets from 7 to 5 meters
  • Increased equip time for AR and SMG weapons from 0.25 to 0.5 seconds
  • Reduced engine volume on ground vehicles
  • Added Starter Base deployable
  • Added console variable StartBaseLimit (default 5)
  • Fixed door sound glitches and re-enabled door sounds
  • Added unique sound to metal doors
  • Added new sounds for storage chest and locker
  • Fixed exit position check on Barra that was being used to get inside rocks
  • Players will now slowy drown if logged out in water
  • Extended bitstream pool size for higher pop servers
  • Optimized server ItemObject allocation
  • Reduced owrong seed yield
  • Reduced detcap drop rate
  • Reduced yield from meteor showers
  • Fixed incorrect fabricator window name
  • Fixed missing pillar colliders on some town events
  • Metal doors now have correct material config
  • Mozzy rotor sound be easaier to identify direction
  • Reduced client vram footprint
  • Fixed rare boars not spawning
  • Added slightly different sounds for all types of explosions, including distance fade effects
  • New coat of paint on the main menu
  • Removal ghost for construction hammer doesn't show in cells owned by other people
  • Updated the volume attenuation curve to fade more smoothyl
  • Change default music volume to be audible
  • Fixed being able to look into bases by building very high in the air
  • Fixed projecties being incorrectly denied (blue hit marker) when clipping close to wall edges
  • Improved internal server DDOS protection
  • Re-enabled tether bow
  • Fixed fridge
  • Updated storage chest and locker sounds
  • Fixed upside down torch removal ghost
  • Added Bhop script protection
Hurtworld Launching December 10th Wed, 27 Nov 2019 03:08 CET Initially Posted on Blog at

Hey Hurtworldians!

In just under 2 weeks time, December 10th, Hurtworld will be launching out of Early Access. This will include a patch introducing the new hand held rocket launcher, a new body kit for the Roach, and most importantly tons of bug fixes and polish.

We decided not to go too heavy on the content for this patch and focused on long standing bug fixes to ensure we don’t compromise on the stability of the game as we exit early access.

What does exiting Early Access mean?
For us Early Access isn’t much more than a marketing tag, one that says there might be some rough edges and missing features right now, maybe check back later if you’re not into that sort of thing. At this point we feel we have achieved everything we initially set as a list of goals when we started early access 4 years ago. While we don’t see the game as ever “complete”, we think the current level of quality and set of features is indicative of what we want to maintain going forward.

Rest assured we will continue to working on Hurtworld for as long as there are people playing it to ensure the game remains a stable multiplayer experience for years to come.

Thanks to everyone who has come along the ride with us, lets get hype for a big launch!]]>
Hurtworld Dev Blog 160 Wed, 02 Oct 2019 18:02 CEST

Hi Hurtworldians!

In this dev update we check out the finished art on the handheld rocket launcher, going into more detail about the next update and talk about server consolidation and restructure next wipe.

Check out the full update here:]]>
Dev Update 159 Thu, 22 Aug 2019 06:50 CEST
Hi Hurtworldians!

In this weeks dev update we go detail about the next patch and early access release and check out the new upcoming hand held rocket launcher.

Check out the full update here:]]>
Hotfix Is Now Live Tue, 20 Aug 2019 00:00 CEST

Hi Hurtworldians!

Tonight we have a small but important hotfix that should fix trapdoors being exploited to get into rocks along with some additional fixes.

As usual the best way to help us get bugs under control is to send us reproduction videos to [email protected]

Credit for finally getting the hatch bugs fixed goes to onStyle

Detection measures are still in place, exploiting of new bugs that arise will result in hardware bans for your whole team. Don't risk it.

Change Log
  • Fixed hatch race condition that could be used to push into rocks
  • Fixed emotes being used to enable equipment while inside vehicles
  • Fixed player map markers spamming errors
  • Temporarily disabled tether bow to investigate possible exploits
  • Further extended inside rock detection and reporting mechanism

Update Is Live Thu, 01 Aug 2019 18:05 CEST

Hi Hurtworldians!

In tonight's update we have our first watercraft named the "Barra", sure to get those afraid of flying to and from the islands with far less stress.

Our second major feature is expanding our map with 2 new town types Factory and Bandit Village.

We also have a range of bug fixes and some background performance updates.

This patch forces wipe on all servers. Happy hunting.

Change Log
  • Added Barra power boat
  • Refactored how loot drops during a helicopter crash. Now the mozzy corpse will collect all loot including player gear drops, amber claim and mozzy storage. Items will be dispensed on dissasembly. Death markers will only
  • [MAP]Added 2 new town: Factory and Bandit Village replacing a bunch of duplicate towns
  • [MAP]Added NoBuilds back to the roads
  • [MAP]Added piers around the coast
  • [MAP]Patched a few Death Holes
  • [MAP]Fixed broken loot frenzy for jungle town events
  • Improved loot frenzy tier one loot
  • Fixed broken loot table in bandril
  • Improved protocol security
  • Reduced explosion audible distance
  • Fixed a bunch of sounds with the wrong falloff config (eg: pistol reload)
  • Fixed new animals having wrong name
  • Can no longer store heavy blocks in furnace
  • Fabricator should refund the correct item when wrenched now
  • GPU Queue should now have an effect again. Keep in mind it does affect latency and will make gunplay harder
  • Fixed description of item namer
  • Fixed totems drawing in front of walls sometimes
  • [SDK]Made map scaledown on build a configurable setting in level config
  • Added small iron door, small iron floor, iron triangle floor
  • Fixed protect all amber context menu not working if you had the exact amount
  • Fixed protect not being greyed out if you couldn't afford it
  • Fixed town events not showing up if you are already in the town when it starts
  • Fixed deep ocean biome freezing you regardless of if you were in water, now in boats and choppers you can keep mild gear on

Dev Update 158 Thu, 11 Jul 2019 12:35 CEST

Hi Hurtworldians!

In this weeks dev update we check out a new town event, our first watercraft the Barra and detail the next content patch.

Check out the full update here:]]>
Patch/Wipe Is Live Fri, 05 Jul 2019 10:08 CEST

Hi Hurtworldians,

This patch focuses on server and client stability and performance. There is still a lot of work to do, more performance updates coming in next patch.

Official servers will wipe with this patch. Wipe is optional for community servers.

Next wipe will go back to our Thursday night 2 week schedule for each timezone and will be accurate in the server browser and will kick off automatically.

As per usual, servers slow to update can still be accessed by switching to the oldversion branch on steam.

Change Log
  • Improved handling of Mozzy to be more predictable
  • Added profiling diagnostic info to help locate rendering bottlenecks
  • Reduced VRAM usage on lower end machines
  • Changed allocation of Items back to use pooled structures to reduce server spikes
  • Fixed issue with lod colliders popping in for towns
  • Fixed various build bounds issues with construction prefabs
  • Fixed crash caused by too many audio sources
  • Improved creature animation lodding
Hotfix Is Live Tue, 25 Jun 2019 19:30 CEST

Hi Hurtworldians!

Tonight we have a small hotfix to improve helicopter flying on servers under heavy load.

There was an issue where if a server stopped receiving packets from a player for any reason, the current input controls would be kept until the packets start coming in again. This logic works well when running through a field on foot, but holding full left stick when flying a Mozzy for half a second too long means eating explosions.

While we will continue to work on server performance this month to solve the interruptions for good, for now, input controls will revert to neutral with throttle down so you don't drop out of the sky or flip over when packets are lost.

We are aware of a few other issues like Fridges not working right now and will have more fixes in the coming week.

Happy hunting!]]>
Hotfix Is Live Wed, 19 Jun 2019 12:26 CEST

Hi Hurtworldians,

We just pushed out a quick server only hotfix for some creature spawn issues and missing Airdrops.

Yeti's and Clay were the worst affected and should be fixed now.

No client update required.

Happy Hunting!]]>
Island Hopper Update Is Live Tue, 18 Jun 2019 18:42 CEST

Hi Hurtworldians!

Tonight we have the long awaited Island Hopper content update which brings a ton of things that have been in the works for a long time.

Biggest features include the expansion of Nullius to include various exotic islands some of which can be claimed fought over and claimed, others with challenging farming routes and big rewards. To make room for the islands, we have scaled down the main island of Nullius by 25%, we think this improves the feel of the map a ton also, making it much more tightly packed. Less running more gunning.

The Mozzy helicopter now has some serious teeth with the addition of hornet rocket pods coming in 3 flavours: Mining, Combat and Raiding rockets. Rapidly speed up your farming routes by sniping resource nodes with mining rockets or blast away your enemies bases with the mega powerful (and expensive) raiding rockets.

Expect to see some unfamiliar faces on the islands as we roll out 6! new creatures with new loot and combat mechanics. Be careful... these guys are made to be a very tough challenge to even experienced players.

In the meantime we've also added a ton of bug fixes and quality of life updates. See the change log for full details.

This patch requires a wipe on all servers. As we are wiping on a Tuesday we will extend this wipe cycle until the 4th of July.

Happy hunting amigos!

Change Log
  • Added many new islands to Nullius map
  • Scaled mailand nullius down by 25%
  • Added Skoogler Creature
  • Re-added Antor hive with Antor Creatures
  • Added Bandril Creature
  • Re-added thornling Creature
  • Added Sabra creatire
  • Added Rafaga creature
  • Added Rocket pods attachment for Mozzy
  • Added 3 types of rockets (Mining, Combat and Raiding)
  • Added Iron Door
  • Added Iron Garage Door
  • Added Iron Floor
  • Added new teir of workbench: Fabricator
  • Added new metal Galvanite
  • Added Galvanite Pickaxe
  • Rebalanced how campfires work to not overheat you as much
  • Updated lighting in green biome
  • Added SAM sites around the map that fire at any occupied Mozzy where the pilot doesn't own the cell its in
  • Reduced the restrictions on territory control points heavily. Lockout is disabled, anything can now be built on them including beds and machines. Lastly nobuild surrounding them has been removed (might need to tweak this)
  • Extended territory control ownership system on islands to claim the entire island (and control of the SAM sites), he who controls the territory controls the whole island.
New Extended Gameplay Trailer Tue, 18 Jun 2019 14:56 CEST

Hi Hurtworldians!

We just dropped a new extended cut trailer for the Island Hopper Update with a much more in depth look at all the gameplay features new and old in the Hurtworld universe!
Please spread the love and share it around <3

Patch is on its way, just putting the final touches on it now. ETA: 1 hour]]>
Dev Update 157 Fri, 14 Jun 2019 06:34 CEST

Hi Hurtworldians!

In this weeks dev update we check out a bunch of the new things going into Tuesdays patch including the new SAM sites, new metal type, and preview a few of the new islands.

Check out the full update here:]]>
Dev Update 156 Mon, 27 May 2019 17:51 CEST

Hi Hurtworldians!

In this weeks update we have a ton of info on the upcoming patch and our release to exit early access. This is going to be a big one: Islands, New Creatures, Rocket Pods... unfortunately due to unforeseen circumstances we've had to cancel this weeks patch and roll it into the big one on the 18th of June.

Check out the full post for details:]]>
Hotfix Is Live And Official Servers Have Wiped Thu, 16 May 2019 10:11 CEST

Hey Hurtworldians,

We've got another hotfix patch to go along with tonight's wipe.
This patch stabilizes the tether system so we no longer have to break tethers when pushed past a force limit. We now also allow multiple players to be connected to the same tether network so they can setup tug of war style situations.

Official servers have been wiped, for community servers this wipe is optional.

As always is currently live on the 'oldversion' branch so you can use this to play on community servers that haven't updated yet.


  • Improved stability of tether system, tethers no longer have a force limit that can break them
  • Multiple players can now be connected to the same tether network
  • Improved the vehicle 'is entry safe' check for unsafe seats (fixes Kanga entering a state where entering it will instantly cause a crash)
  • Lengthened raid drill audio falloff (now matches legacy distances)
Dev Update 155 Mon, 06 May 2019 09:03 CEST

Hi Hurtworldians!

In this weeks dev update we go into detail about the next content patch focusing on bringing all our new creatures to life as well as a first look at strapping mounted weapons to the Mozzy!

Check out the full update here:]]>
Hotfix Is Live and Official Servers Have Wiped Thu, 02 May 2019 09:54 CEST
Hey Hurtworldians,

We've got a hotfix to go along with tonights wipe that fixes up a few map issues and fixes a Roach bug used to peek through walls along with a few other fixes.

Due to map changes this patch enforces a wipe.

As always you can use the 'oldversion' beta branch to stay on and play on community servers that haven't installed the update yet.


  • Improved several icon poses
  • Muzzle flash position for zero silencer fixed
  • Reduced MAC10 pvp and pve damage (20 -> 15)
  • Fixed broken ladders in hangar towns
  • Fixed broken heavy crafters in hangar/servo wars towns
  • Fixed inaccessible Kanga jump puzzles
  • Added camo mask patterns to Dappler and Vista reddot sights
  • Fixed using the Roach to peek through bases, Roach rear seat entry can now be blocked by other geometry and has its own connected passenger simulation so rear seat passenger can be knocked off
Patch Is Live! Thu, 18 Apr 2019 11:08 CEST

Hi Hurtworldians!

Tonight we have a content patch for yall that introduces new water mechanics and some new inland water features in the lead up to our island hopping update. We also have the newest member of our weapon arsenal the MAC10 which should melt people up close and becomes even more badass with the rare gangster stock. You'll also find 2 new kickass town events as we work through replacing duplicate towns. Lastly there's a bunch of quality of life changes like finally fixing buggy fall damage when wedged between 2 objects.

Last weeks experiment of timelocked servers will be disabled for now, we will re-evaluate how this affects the game and will likely experiment with it more in future to cater to all players.

This patch requires a wipe on all servers.

Happy Hunting.

Full Changelog
  • Added Mac10 gun and attachments to game
  • Added 2 new town events in start biome
  • Added swimming and oxygen mechanics as well as 'wet' binary effect
  • Updated graphics for sunscreen and poison sac
  • Fixed a race condition allowing door colliders to briefly penetrate players
  • Fixed many objects having the wrong material config (wrong impact particles + footstep sounds)
  • Updated Nullius map adding inland water features + fixing overpowered base locations
  • Added ultra basic water shader for potato mode
  • Fixed a spot where you could get stuck in the 'Servo Wars' town event
  • Fixed an issue where players would incorrectly receive fall damage when wedged between 2 unwalkable surfaces
  • Improved muzzle flash positions on guns
  • Fixed owrong icon poses
  • Removed most invisible cats to test performance improvement
  • Fixed first person blending issues between hipfire and aimed poses
  • [SDK] The clan registration window can now receive and display custom errors from server through ClanManager.RPCClanCreationError()
  • [SDK] GiveItemTrigger works correctly again, a simple example has been configured inside the level template
Patch Is Live - Content Delayed! Thu, 11 Apr 2019 11:27 CEST

Hi Hurtworldians,

Unfortunately we have had to postpone the content patch until next Thursday due to some last minute serious issues with the Unity 2018 upgrade. Having dropped support for DX9, we had hoped that even min spec machines would have no trouble running under DX11.

After distributing a test build to a few players we found a bunch of shader compilation / rendering issues that are more work than we can handle for today. We also didn't see the performance benefits we had hoped on lower end machines.

Given the circumstances we have decided to roll back to Unity 5.6 to ensure we maintain support for the bare minimum spec machines and continue to offer decent performance on total potato machines.

Unfortunately migrating the content from this patch will take a few more days, to be released next Thursday.

We've done our best to migrate the crucial quality of life fixes like name plates disappearing to this patch.

As a consolation, we've decided to use this opportunity to try a new feature we've been toying with for a while:

Time Locked Servers
Keeping a Hurtworld server competitive is a difficult thing when all players have different amounts of time to allocate to the game. Players who can roll around at 5am raiding people and collecting event loot have a big advantage and somewhat bypass the intended population of the server.

We design the balance for servers with >50% people in them, this is impossible to achieve 24 hours a day.

To work towards solving this we came up with running specific servers time locked to specific hours of the day. For example, Russia #1 will open at 4pm and close at 2 am Moscow time giving players from that region a reasonable chance to be able to play for most of the time that the server is running.

We will be experimenting with different time configurations so we cater to all players. This will not necessarily be a permanent thing, just something to test this week while we finish off the content patch. Let us know what you think in the comments!

Full Change Log:
  • Added timelock feature for servers that are only open during specific times of the day. This is a new feature we will be testing on official servers. This should make it feasible that regular people can be online for close to 100% of a servers uptime and be more competetive with players who can play all night. This should also reduce the chance of offline raids as there is a good chance most clans will have someone online during peak times.
    Usage: timelock <starthour:0-24> <endhour:0-24> (Must be the first command in your autoexec.cfg, cannot be changed at runtime, relies on autorestart when a server shuts down from your OS start script)
  • Fixed a bug causing player nameplates to disappear
  • Fixed some item serialization bugs + added extra debug messages to help find problems
  • Added a new right click menu option to amber that will protect all your protectable items
  • Fixed footsteps on metal surfaces using the grass footstep sound
  • Removed door sounds until we fix them to be consistent
  • Item descriptions now display on item tooltips
  • Frozen steaks (cooked and raw) are now stackable
  • Removed territory C4 from town loot crates
  • Removed FR18 Probos Tip from town loot crates
  • Added extra Shotgun Shell recipe that uses Shaped Ultranium instead of Shaped Mondinium
  • Added descriptions to weather effect tooltips
Dev Update 154 Tue, 09 Apr 2019 10:31 CEST

Hi Hurtworldians,

In this weeks dev update, we check out the new water mechanics, new Mac10 SMG, new town event grey boxes and new in depth trailer progress.

New content patch dropping this Thursday 5pm Melbourne time yall

Check out the full update here:]]>
Hotfix Is Live and Official Servers Have Wiped Thu, 28 Mar 2019 07:07 CET
Hey Hurtworldians,

Along with the official server wipes (optional for community servers) we're rolling out a hotfix patch to fix a regression in the recycler that crept in with the last hotfix. Recycler returns should now be correct for all items.

As always the 'oldversion' branch is pointing at the version so you can continue to play on community servers that haven't updated yet.

Hope to see you out there!

  • Fixed recycler returning too few materials for several items
Hotfix Is Live! Mon, 25 Mar 2019 14:45 CET
Hey Hurtworldians,

We've got another hotfix patch for you tonight to fix up how the tether system interacts with emotes and also fixing how the recycler calculates returned materials for items that are crafted in stacks.

As always the 'oldversion' branch is hosting the last patch ( so you can continue to play on community servers that haven't updated yet.


  • Being tethered now cancels any active emotes
  • The recycler now correctly accounts for recipes that output a stack of items (Fixes Landcrab mines and others having incorrect recycling returns)
Hotfix Is Live and Official Servers Have Wiped Thu, 14 Mar 2019 11:09 CET

Hey Hurtworldians,

Just a quick hotfix patch for you tonight to settle down some of the more serious tether bugs whilst we work on a more comprehensive fix as part of our Unity 2018 upgrade.

Tethers will now snap when exceeding their new force limit which should prevent vehicles flying off at crazy directions when the tether finds itself trying to enforce an impossible to fit constraint.

Additionally EAC should now work correctly for all platforms.

Have fun!

  • Tethers now break when exceeding their force limit
  • All vehicle types are now destroyed when failing their 'out of bounds' check
  • Fixed a null reference issue in the crash system
  • EAC should now load correctly on Mac and Linux clients

Dev Blog 153 Tue, 05 Mar 2019 15:05 CET
Hi Hurtworldians!

In this detailed dev update, we outline details of the next big content patch as well as a roadmap for the near future of development. Highly recommended read if you're interested in the future of Hurtworld!

Check out the full update here:]]>
Hotfix Is Live! Tue, 05 Mar 2019 09:24 CET
Hi Hurtworldians,

Tonight's hotfix aims to increase the stability of interactions around tethers and should make things run a little smoother.

Change Log
  • Fixed the force position and visuals not matching up on tethers
  • Added a min tether length to prevent flying feedback loop on short tethers on vehicles
  • Fixed a bug where getting forced into a vehicle (or crash vehicle aka tether) would fail and kill you instantly and leave you in an invalid state
  • Fixed not being able to be tethered while holding a heavy slot item
Hotfix Is Live! Fri, 01 Mar 2019 11:51 CET

Hey Hurtworldians,

We're releasing a small hotfix to take care of some issues with the latest patch and reduce false positives in our DDoS protection system. Whilst this patch doesn't make any changes to the tether system yet we realize there are still several bugs and strange behaviours around tethering and will be working on sorting those out next week.

As always the 'oldversion' beta branch is hosting so you can continue to play on community servers before they update

  • Improved DDoS flood detection to reduce false positives
  • Fixed incorrect hitbox setup on land crab mines
  • Removed player collisions with poison traps (they still get triggered, this is just about restricting movement)
  • Tokars now drop poison sacs correctly
  • Improved camera positioning for crash 'vehicle'