Hostname AZTEC NA Kit/Jet/Orb/Item+/NoAWM/Events
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Players 0 / 100
Location United States of America
Version 189
Platform Windows
Map Wipe in: 0d 7h 23m
Registered by CaptainNebulous
Registered since August 30th, 2016 01:08 AM EST
Last update December 21st, 2019 05:52 PM EST

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Here are what my focus will be for the server :
- Uniqueness
- Balance
- Challenging but rewarding PVE
- Healthy PVP environment
- Offering something for all gameplay types and all player types
- Not watering down the natural challenge of the game (in otherwords not screwing up the intended design and gameplay)
- Having an active, and hopefully socially friendly community - even if their play style isn't friendly
- Non abusive admins



The history of Aztec Warfare starts on January 12th, 2016... about a month after the game's release. The current owner teamed up with an aspiring server owner and streamer to start a server called "WeedWorld 420" which was, obviously, a marijuana friendly server complete with themed chat functions, cannibis-themed currency, and many of the mods that were available at the time. During the months of January - March the server grew to a consistent population of 20 to 30 players. We were typically in the top 20 on the list and in the top 75% percentile in the in-game list sorted by population. In late April of 2016, with the release of a game update game a major server-breaking bug that rendered the server laggy and useless. Eventually we gave up on it and shut the server down for a couple of months. In July, the owner decided to give it another go and start up a server called Aztec Warfare... a server themed partially around some of the more brutal Aztec traditions, but also themed around crude adult humor. This server was different from the start, in the aspect that we learned our lesson from using mods that ruined the game balance... and this time around we would be slightly less modded, but for the better. We have always enjoyed playing around with the meta game a little to find the perfect balance for all styles of gameplay. In September of 2016 the Hurtworld Developers saw that we were getting several nominations to become a "featured community server" and they themselves had checked out my server and liked what they saw, so we then became featured and saw quite a population boom. To this day we frequently surpass the 40 player mark, we are considered one of the best run, well balanced servers in Hurtworld