[UK/EU] Equilibrium Kits/Warps - x2 Weekends

Hostname Equilibrium
Status Checked 4 minutes ago
Players 0 / 50
Location United Kingdom
Version 172
Platform Windows
Map 2X Weekends
Registered by Equilibrious
Registered since February 4th, 2019 11:05 AM EST
Last update February 25th, 2019 08:22 PM EST

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[UK/EU] Equilibrium is a dedicated Hurtworld server that is Wiped every 30 days.

Players can spawn Kits: - 4 cooked steak every 24 hours, and a one off spawn for starter gear and a one off spawn for to help build your first base.

Legendary vehicle parts scattered across the world.

One pair of ‘Dev boots of speed’ are hidden somewhere on the map – They are yours if you can find them – Good luck! (No hints will be given on the location and a warning, they are not easy to get to, so no whining)

Bases built by admin specifically designed to be raided, varying in difficulty and reward (some of them you’ll need ALOT of C4, so it’s encouraged to work as a team... when you’re not raiding each other Of Course...

‘New Player's huts’ to the North and South beach spawn points, for new players to the server to get started quickly. Items are refreshed every 7 days to avoid abuse of this system.

PvP War Zone in the center of the Map for people to fight & have fun (there is a warp point near, so when you die you can port back or spawn in a location near to the War Zone).

Warp points are scattered around the map to help move about to certain locations with out making it too easy, there is a cool down for this to avoid abuse of the system.

Oxide is installed: -

Teleport plugin is active.

Stackable items plugin is active. All raw and cooked food now stacks to 25, All building materials such as Planks, Stone Brick etc, stack to 500, All ammos, Shotgun Shells, 308 Bullets, 9mm Bullets, 556 Bullets & Arrows are now all capped from 255 to 300, Signs, Ownership stakes, Drill bits and Torches are now capped from 1 to 5, Dynamite is from 5 to 10, Coal is from 255 to 500. Plus all vehicle wheels stack to 4 (as we all know how much they fill up storage and bag space...)

The ‘Give’ plugin is active, so you can trade with other players.

Loot Multiplier Plugin is active: -
Airdrop Rates 1.3,
Animals Drop Rates 1.3,
Control Town Event Cases Drop Rates (Amount of cases) 1.3,
Loot Frenzy Event Rates (Crates rates) 1.3,
Mining Drill Rates 1.3,
Pick Up Rates 1.3,
Plants Rates 1.3,
Resources Rates 1.3

The loot will be multiplied by x2 every weekend.

Kill counter plugin is active.

The Following Steam Workshop Mods have been installed: -

Players can now build Iron & Wooden attachments,

Diamond Nodes will now spawn around the Map at a very low rate - 10 every 1000m2. On Weekends this spawn is increased.

Players can now create Diamond Glass Walls.

Players can now build: - the Multicrafter 4000 made by ‘The NovaCorp’,

Player can now break down rough diamonds from diamond nodes, into diamond dust in the Multicrafter 4000 as well as create diamonds from coal,

Players can create different canned food via the Multicrafter 4000,

Players can now create Rifle Attachments via the Multicrafter 4000,

Players also can now make a range of vehicle tools and upgrades via the Multicrafter 4000 - super-formula oils and advanced upgrades for your engines. It also lets you craft a high octane 950 horsepower, quadruple outlet, drag racing engine for the Roach - with 50 additional upgrade points! A new multi-tool Uber wrench is also included, it repairs vehicles a lot more effectively. It's heavy-duty design also lets it be used as a powerful, bone breaking melee weapon.

Credit for the Multicrafter 4000 & Diamond Workshop Mods go to a brilliant Modder called ZTIF, on steam, you can find the mods here: - https://store.steampowered.com/search/?snr=1_4_4__12&term=hurtworld

The mods and plugins installed have been picked to to add extra content of which I personally felt the game needed and to make it more fun, as well as add content for some of the game objectives that I felt needed more development around. In my personal opinion and that of expressed to me by my Admins, we feel, even though I have added this content, the game keeps its balance as players still need to work to get the items and in some cases work harder for a lot of the added content.

There is a Discord channel for the community and should you need to contact any Admin for server/game help.

I will never spawn items for players, so please don't ask.

As server owner I don't tolerate misuse of Admin abilities as it spoils the fun of the game. Any of my Admins caught will have privileges removed.

Please be advised - The server will Auto-restart to back up the world file at 12am GMT, every day