Experimental Patch Is Now Live

Posted on July 20th, 2018 02:41 AM EST

Hey everyone,

Tonight we've got a small bugfix update for the experimental branch fixing up some issues with shacks, amber protection and vehicle claiming.

As always the 'oldversion' steam beta branch will be pointing at the last released build ( so you can continue to play on community servers that haven't updated yet.

Full Changelog
  • Vehicles can now be claimed without any parts installed
  • Fixed a bug where the amber cost could still be consumed when failing to claim a vehicle
  • Added extra placement validation to shacks to ensure their spawn point does not overlap into level geometry (eg. inside rocks)
  • Shacks will be unavailable as a spawn option if something (eg. C4) is blocking the spawn point
  • After upgrading an amber protected item the upgraded item will not drop its amber cost on the first death (the item will still be protected however)
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