Hurtworld Leaves Early Access

Posted on December 10th, 2019 06:56 PM EST
Hi Hurtworldians!

After 6 years of development, tons of updates, plenty of challenges, a partial rewrite and over 60 million hours of playtime we are finally out of Early Access.

With this release comes a ton of bug fixes and quality of life changes and some fresh content.

New "Talon" Rocket Launcher
Since we introduced the rocket pods attachment to the Mozzy (Helicopter) life has been tough for players on the ground with no means of defence besides a lucky AWM shot on the pilot. This patch evens the field a lot by introducing the new Rocket Launcher.

Designed primarily as an anti air defence the launcher will make quick work of a Mozzy with a well aimed shot. It has some PVP viability but won't overpower better suited weapons and will require some skill to be useful.

New super rare Roach Asylum Body Kit
This badboy is heavily armored from all directions giving the driver good protection from would be attackers. While not immune to Mozzy attacks, it will provide some coverage from your enemies raining hell down on you. Getting your hands on this isn't easy, it will require continuous map control and a fair bit of grind for those clans who go really deep.

Making New Base Construction Easier
One of the hardest things when getting into Hurtworld (and sometimes for experienced players) is setting up your first proper base. The build system is intuitive enough when given the time to read the UI, trail and error around, find more materials before finally getting things secure. This becomes a very daunting task with the threats of the Hurtworld around you.

To make things easier we added a one click deployable 1x1 base complete with totem and bed that can be crafted at the workbench to get the basic security down. From there you can extend to your hearts content with the construction hammer. To prevent top players utilizing this as a field deployable outpost whenever they get shot, you are limited to 5 of these per wipe. Use them wisely!

The other big trip up for new players is accidentally building outside their claimed ownership cell and unknowingly letting people into their base for free. To solve this we added a new cheap tier construction hammer that can only build inside a cell that has been claimed, meaning if you accidentally drift outside your cell, you'll be blocked from building.

Additionally we force starter bases and start foundations to be built away from cell boundaries to ensure the spot that you finally start your mansion will be secure.

We've also refactored the grid that construction must conform to, to squash the build meta of exploiting awkward bugs to build the most secure bases.

The last on the build cake is a new construction removal grace period where if within 5 mins you remove a construction piece, you will get the full price back (instead of the usual half) meaning you can trial and error your way around until everything locks into place without it costing half your materials on mistakes.

Rebalanced Mozzy (Helicopter)
The golden age of Mozzy dominance is coming to a bit of an end. While still super powerful, we nerfed a few things to bring it back in line with the rest of the game now that a lot of people have mastered the art of flying and shooting. The equation on mining rockets is much tighter, and they also can't be used in PVP except against other Helicopters.

The End of The Rock Glitch
Rock exploits has been a fact of life since Hurtworld was created. Many times we thought we had it under control and those escape artists in our community would find another way through the rocks. I'm happy to say with a fair bit of confidence that rock exploits are now not possible. This is an automatic preventative measure that will kill anyone who tries, then report them to us. Attemps to use rock exploits will still result in lifetime bans. Dare I say, building up against a rock is now a good strategy again.

Fixing up cave bases
Having 40 thousand hand placed rocks in our map, every now and then make a formation that can be used to make an unraidable base. We've gone to extreme lengths with the help of our community to eliminate all these spots with a combination of nobuilds around shoreline and rocks filling inland ones, players will now need to figure out the new OP base meta.

Its been a wild ride with plenty more to come, thanks to everyone who has stuck around for the journey with us <3

Full Change Log
  • Added Talon Rocket Launcher
  • Fixed mozzy playing startup sounds when coming into range even if flying
  • Added steam trading cards, emotes and profile backgrounds
  • Improved anti rock exploit detection, enabled killing of players who are detected as well as reporting to developers.
  • Added end tier Asylum body kit for roach
  • Added a grace period where removing construction items will give a full refund to make construction mistakes free.
  • Construction attachments now must conform to a tighter grid, no more stacking walls 100 deep.
  • Added starter base deployment item to help new players get their first real base started with less risk.
  • Added new entry level construction hammer which can't be used outside owned terrain (with the exception of foundations)
  • Large pass on localization across many languages
  • Rewrote how impact effects are synced to other players. You should see correct impact types and positions for all impacts not just your own.
  • Added variable distance culling for vehicles allowing much longer draw distances on active vehicles (Temp disabled troubleshooting issues)
  • Rebalanced Mozzy Rockets:
  • - Mining rockets no longer damage players
  • - Increased the cost of mining rockets
  • - Increased the cost of Avgas
  • - Reduced explosion radius on mining rockets from 7 to 5 meters
  • Increased equip time for AR and SMG weapons from 0.25 to 0.5 seconds
  • Reduced engine volume on ground vehicles
  • Added Starter Base deployable
  • Added console variable StartBaseLimit (default 5)
  • Fixed door sound glitches and re-enabled door sounds
  • Added unique sound to metal doors
  • Added new sounds for storage chest and locker
  • Fixed exit position check on Barra that was being used to get inside rocks
  • Players will now slowy drown if logged out in water
  • Extended bitstream pool size for higher pop servers
  • Optimized server ItemObject allocation
  • Reduced owrong seed yield
  • Reduced detcap drop rate
  • Reduced yield from meteor showers
  • Fixed incorrect fabricator window name
  • Fixed missing pillar colliders on some town events
  • Metal doors now have correct material config
  • Mozzy rotor sound be easaier to identify direction
  • Reduced client vram footprint
  • Fixed rare boars not spawning
  • Added slightly different sounds for all types of explosions, including distance fade effects
  • New coat of paint on the main menu
  • Removal ghost for construction hammer doesn't show in cells owned by other people
  • Updated the volume attenuation curve to fade more smoothyl
  • Change default music volume to be audible
  • Fixed being able to look into bases by building very high in the air
  • Fixed projecties being incorrectly denied (blue hit marker) when clipping close to wall edges
  • Improved internal server DDOS protection
  • Re-enabled tether bow
  • Fixed fridge
  • Updated storage chest and locker sounds
  • Fixed upside down torch removal ghost
  • Added Bhop script protection
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