Hurtworld Patch Is Now Live

Posted on March 17th, 2023 11:07 AM EST
Hi All,

Tonight we have a small quality of life and maintenance patch that should fix up a lot of the biggest issues that should keep Hurtworld stable for a long time into the future.

The largest change is the switch over to Epic Online Services (EOS) for our anticheat framework from EAC. (You will currently still see Easy Anti Cheat in the bootstrapper, this is normal and will likely have the art replaced soon)

As a side effect of moving to EOS, Hurtworld should now be supported on Steam Deck. Don't expect a perfect experience on this but it will run.

We also collected a list of criticial issues plauging servers, patching a number of exploits around build permissions and peeking through walls.

This patch will enforce a wipe across all servers.

Full Changelog

- AntiCheat now provided by EOS AntiCheat (Epic Online Services)
- Added server console command 'enforceeac <0/1>' to turn AntiCheat off/on (must be ran during startup)
- Added server console commands 'disableddosprotection' and 'enableddosprotection' to enable/disable DDOS protection
- Added client console command 'mutelist' to show list of muted players by SteamID
- Fixed the 'unmute' server console command not working
- Allowed the 'unmute' console command to run on client (takes SteamID as argument)
- Fixed inside rock check not applying properly to several island rocks
- Added no build area around map edges
- Fixed respawn window displaying too early if player's sleeper is killed during loading
- Changed the way biome validation works on construction and placement (fixes builds in no build areas after server desync)
- Items crafted from the fabricator can now be recycled
- Fixed construction validation appearing incorrect on first equip of placement/build item
- Removed collision from campfires
- Fixed Mozzy interaction window failing to open on first interaction
- Fixed several spawns occurring underwater
- Made roach front seat unsafe like the rear seat so the passenger can crash if receiving a large force (fixes peeking exploit using roach front seat)
- Adjusted camera positioning for crash state to fix peeking exploits
- Plugged some holes in Nullius cliff faces and town events
- Hurtworld is now Steam Deck compatible (basic support only)
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