Experimental Patch Is Now Live

Posted on July 27th, 2018 02:46 AM EST

Hey everyone,

Tonight we've got another bugfix update fixing problems in the mesh baking system that could cause world items to fall through the ground.
We've also improved physics performance and fixed up featured servers not showing correctly.

As always the 'oldversion' steam beta branch will be pointing at the last released build ( so you can continue to play on community servers that haven't updated yet.

Full Changelog
  • Fixed a bug in the item display data manager that could cause it to crash and never recover (Fixes items failing to render and world items falling through ground)
  • Improved physics performance (server and client)
  • Fixed several console commands throwing errors when invoked during server start up
  • Improved how steam ID sessions are recorded, should help "Active session with same SteamID" issue
  • Fixed an issue where players could get into a loop where they would constantly request data about an item that doesn't exist from the server
  • Added the console command 'itempingenabled <value>' for servers to control whether players can link items to chat
  • Fixed an issue causing featured servers not to appear in the server browser as featured
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