Hurtworld Patch

Posted on February 6th, 2016 06:25 PM EST
Hurtworld Patch has been released today on Steam.

VERSION (05-FEB-2016)
  • Vehicles use drastically less CPU while not being driven
  • Added no-building zones to all roads
  • Added decay to ownership stakes. Stakes will now require Amber or they will deauthorise. More info on this below.
  • Added ownership to vehicles. You can now claim one vehicle.
  • Added decay to vehicles. Unclaimed vehicles will be destroyed over time.
  • Added Wrench. This item can be used to disassemble vehicles, which will drop a loot crate.
  • Added new Goat wheel - the Mangler
  • Added new Roach wheel - the Toretto
  • Adjusted think speeds on most objects, and adjusted how they report costs. This should fix issues in high-pop servers where FPS was high but there were significant delays in things being processed by the load balancer.
  • Changed how AI path around buildings - this should hopefully stop animals running through walls
  • Made spawning weather perform much better
  • Added more tools for debugging performance
  • Fixed jitter on Server Browser scrollbar
  • Added server IP binding - use the <code>bindip <ip></code> command.
  • Updated localisation
  • Added scrollable chat
  • Made Russian hat a top tier head item
  • Added 2 new drills that can only be placed in the red desert and snow respectively, they will yield rare ores
  • Can no longer swap items on write only slots
Changes to Ownership Stakes
You can place a maximum of 5 amber in a stake, that will be very slowly consumed. The default time per amber is 24 hours, although this is configurable by server owners. This means that, by default, an unattended ownership stake will deauthorise in 5 days. Slow servers should probably increase this time, and fast servers decrease it. 

Once the stake is low on amber, it will create a plume of red smoke, visible from far away. Once the stake has run out of amber, it will deauthorise everyone, do a slow countdown to destruction and eventually destroy itself, freeing up the land. 

This creates player-driven decay, as you can go around clearing old abandoned bases for easy resources. Be wary though - it could be a trap! We think the cost is reasonable enough that even solo players should be able to maintain a few bases fairly easily, if they play every couple of days. It should hopefully also create some areas of contention around large bases that become abandoned and unclaimed. 

For Server Owners
If you're a server owner, and decide NOT to wipe, all old ownership stakes will be maintained and filled with 3 amber when you reload the save. If you plan to change the time it takes for a stake to deauthorise, you MUST do this before you load and save your savegame, otherwise you'll get some strange behaviour. You can set the total time it takes a full ownership stake to deauthorise with the "stakedeauthtime <seconds>" command in your autoexec.cfg. This holds in general - changing this value when you're not wiping will lead some stakes to behave differently to others. 

Changes to Vehicles
Every player can now own one vehicle. You can do this by opening up it's inventory, and clicking the CLAIM button up the top right. Anyone can drive a claimed car, and modify it's inventory. Claimed cars won't despawn if left alone. 

Unclaimed cars WILL destroy themselves if left alone. The default time this takes is 3 hours. 

You can also manually disassemble unclaimed cars with a new item - the Wrench. Disassembled cars will drop loot! 

This should mean cars recycle, meaning one clan doesn't end up with all of the coolest chassis, while everyone else has to coast around with that one Sharkweek bumper. 

For Server Owners
Again, if you're a server owner, and decide NOT to wipe, cars will NOT decay until you do, or until you manually set the vehicle decay time with the command "vehicledecaytime <seconds>". Your garages are safe. 

Drill Proximity Changes
Drills now have a reduced yield if placed within 10 meters of another powered drill. The total yield of all drills in range of eachother will be roughly 1 + (count-1)*0.3, 

In other words, 2 drills are only 30% better than one drill if they are in range of eachother. 

There is no UI to indicate the number of drills in proximity right now which is a bit shitty, the best way to tell is if the drill finishes mining an item and you get nothing despite having empty slots, it is being blocked by another drill. 

This means you need more space to run drills, with the upkeep changes on stakes, land is a bit more expensive to keep. 

To make up for some of this drills the base yield is twice as fast (30 seconds). 

Drills now have 3 tiers
Drill A
Cost: 50 Titranium, 50 Stone, 10 Amber 

The first tier must be placed in the forest, dunes or starting biome. This now yields Rock, Iron, Titranium and Coal. 

Drill B
Cost: 50 Mondinium, 50 Stone, 10 Amber 

This must be placed in the Red Desert and yields Rock, Iron and Mondinium 

Drill C
Cost: 50 Ultranium, 50 Stone, 10 Amber 

This must be placed in the arctic biome and yields Rock, Iron and Ultranium. 

Drills used to be a way to avoid progressing through the game. Combined with dynamite you could completely bypass having to deal with pushing through the tougher biomes and just get everything you need. 

One of the design principals we are working towards is: Make stuff hard the first time you do it, but give options to invest in making it easier. 

Drills fill this gap with mining in that they don't give you anything you don't already have (as they mine the resource used to craft them), they just make it so you can opt to remove the grindyness of mining if you want to. Manual mining should be faster unless you invest a shitload in land to automate the mining of large quantities. 

Having 3 tiers that are locked to biomes stops the drill being a way to bypass parts of the progression, but a way to automate some of the repetitive work once you have passed the gearcheck of the biome and gathered the resources the drill yields manually. 

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