Hotfix Is Live!

Posted on January 21st, 2019 10:51 AM EST

Hi Guys,

Tonight's hotfix further iterates on network stability and performance. We located some serious issues with our background network thread that were being exploited by targeted DDOS attacks to bring down servers.

These should now be fixed along with significantly reduced ram usage on the client and the server.

The reduced ram usage should solve the issues people with low ram have been having connecting to servers since the last patch.

Change Log
  • Patched an exploit in RPC layer that could be used to crash the server with malformed packets
  • Fixed race conditions in background network thread
  • Removed over eager allocation of network message buffers using tons of ram
  • Reduced frame lease pool of network messages on client (less ram usage)
  • Added "frameleasebitstreampool <count>" console command to expand bitstream pool. Increase this if you are getting frame lease exceeded by <count>. Default on the server is 1500, only increase by amounts exceeded.
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