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Posted on February 28th, 2019 09:49 AM EST

Hi Hurtworldians!

Tonight we have our first content patch since the V2 launch. This patch brings the first of the physics toys that should expand ways of interacting with objects out in the world.

Tether System
This introduces a range of new gameplay opportunities beginning with a way to interact with your enemies in a non lethal way. The first attack with the tether bow will force a hit player into a bound state (similar to falling off a bike) and allow the shooter to drag them around at their leisure. The bound player can be freed by another player cutting the line or the attacker switching weapons from the tether bow.

Although this sounds overpowered in a PVP situation, we've made the bow projectile speed very low, making it quite hard to hit anyone with, while consuming expensive arrows. In any scenario where you can capture someone using this weapon, you would likely been able to kill them easily with a cheaper weapon.

The bound player always has the option to suicide using the console (F1->kill), which means the worst case scenario you die. In some cases your attackers will set you free or even enrich your gameplay experience by forcing you into slavery of some kind.

Once you have a single target tethered, you can bind it to another object by hitting a second "tetherable" physical object. At this point this can include other players or vehicles. There is no limit to the amount of objects that can be tethered together, however the weight will add up the more you want to lift / drag, make sure there is sufficient pulling power to toe your chain of victims across the map.

More pulling forces are better than one in cases you want to lift something heavy, combining multiple vehicles towing / lifting will increase your pulling power.

While we've been busy working on stabilizing the servers against DDOS attacks and garbage collection spikes, our art team have been heavily expanding our gear cosmetics to replace a bunch of placeholder gear with more application specific looks as well as tons of hats and masks to ensure no two players look the same.

All the traps from legacy have had a revamp and been brought into V2 along with all new fake sleepers, fake loot crates and fake air drops to bait your opponents into ambushes or just kill them outright.

All this with a ton of bug fixes and improvements. See the changelog for a breakdown.

Happy hunting

Change Log
  • Added new tethering system and tether bow item for tying players and vehicles together with rope
  • Added several new vanity items (these items have no gameplay stats and are visual only)
  • Added new 'Rebel' gear set replacing several items from the heat protection progression
  • The combat helmet has been converted into a vanity item
  • Added fake sleeper traps, these will explode when destroyed
  • Added fake airdrop trap, these will call in an airdrop when placed, the cargo crate from this airdrop will explode when interacted with
  • Landcrab mines, medusa vines and poison traps are returning from legacy
  • Poison trap overhauled so it no longer destroys itself when triggered, instead it will need to be disassembled with a machine wrench
  • Crosshair hit markers are now activated by the server rather than being client predicted (seeing a non-blue hit marker should now always be a reliable hit)
  • Succulent plants and sunscreen are returning from legacy
  • Inactive item transitions now also have a progress bar so falloff progress can be tracked
  • Added irradiated owrong seeds as a new item transition from owrong seeds
  • Plugged up several rock cave base locations in Nullius
  • Fixed regressions in balance changes (Mozzy insurance cost and pistol rate of fire are now fixed again)
  • Fixed machines not being irradiated properly
  • Fixed TimedEffectZones trying to affect destroyed entities
  • Fixed a potential null reference exception in MapComponentMarker
  • Fixed Mozzys not consuming fuel properly
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