Hurtworld Patch

Posted on April 23rd, 2016 07:26 AM EST
Hurtworld Patch has been released on Steam.

VERSION (22-APR-2016)

This is patch is stage one of the new systems we are rolling out in the next few months. It brings the infrastructure of our construction and explosives systems up to a standard we can build the next iteration of PVP changes in the coming months. 

This patch enforces a global wipe. Old save games of Infini servers will be available for download sometime this week should you want to keep a copy of your creations. 

Construction System V2 
This patch introduces the first iteration of Construction V2 with over 100 construction prefabs that will allow for much more interesting and varied structures. You should also find the object placement more consistent and not dependent on things like placement order. You will find things like roof tiles, handrails, windows and ladders. 

The upgraded construction system introduces a few new concepts. 
  • Attachment points can now have multiple orientations. Right click will cycle through each available orientation. 
  • Each ownership cell now has a configurable build limit. This will ensure that a single group can't grind a server to a halt with 4000 support truss objects. Each item has an associated cost which directly relates to GPU cost. We will work to provide efficient construction pieces so you can still build epic bases, just ones that won't kill everyone's FPS. 
  • C4 is now based on a simulation of explosion dynamics. Constructed objects now have health, and will show cracks when damaged but not destroyed. 
  • Although walls have an armor rating, we currently have all materials set to equal. Balance for explosions, walls and construction costs will come in the next few weeks. 
  • Machines are now disassembled like cars, there is a cheaper constructable wrench for this purpose 

This patch also contains the first release of our Steam workshop integration for maps. 

Servers running custom maps can be joined by anyone, and the map will automatically download before connecting. 

To host using a custom map, simply specify the workshop file id in as the map in the format of: 

host 12871 w-663477235

Your server will download the map from workshop and host as usual. 

Other changes: 

Added server configuration for max structure cell complexity: structurecomplexitylimit <value> 
Added new playerlootmode - 4: Destroys all items on death. 
Added item Wall Torch - similar to old torch in construction menu, but freely placeable.
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