Hotfix Is Live

Posted on June 25th, 2019 12:30 PM EST

Hi Hurtworldians!

Tonight we have a small hotfix to improve helicopter flying on servers under heavy load.

There was an issue where if a server stopped receiving packets from a player for any reason, the current input controls would be kept until the packets start coming in again. This logic works well when running through a field on foot, but holding full left stick when flying a Mozzy for half a second too long means eating explosions.

While we will continue to work on server performance this month to solve the interruptions for good, for now, input controls will revert to neutral with throttle down so you don't drop out of the sky or flip over when packets are lost.

We are aware of a few other issues like Fridges not working right now and will have more fixes in the coming week.

Happy hunting!
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