Hurtworld Patch

Posted on May 23rd, 2016 07:44 AM EST
Hurtworld Patch has been released on Steam.

  • Added Buttress construction item 
  • Added two new types of Pillar 
  • Added Trap Door construction item 
  • Added Single Door construction item 
  • Added Single Doorway construction item 
  • Added Pillbox construction item 
  • Added Fireplace construction item 
  • Added free standing Torch construction item (built similar to the Sign - just equip a torch item and look at the ground) 
  • Updated Wall Torch model and texture 
  • Added visibility indicator for construction prefab placement 
  • Changed Build Limits to be different for different items. There are now three categories of build limit: structural, machines, and plants. These limits are independent of each other. 
  • Doubled the default structural build limit - you will now be able to build bigger bases 
  • Fixed issue where plants would place incorrectly on structures and machines 
  • Made Fire Pit collider consistent between server and client 
  • Altered workbench collider to be more consistent with its shape 
  • Fixed sign refund 
  • Improved UI at low resolutions 
  • Significantly improved performance of skybox in complex maps 
  • Improved validation on Ownership Stakes 
  • Admins are now immune to AFK kicks 
  • Fixed issue with plant serialization where plants would despawn after several server reloads 
  • Added Deferred Rendering (enabled in Options > Graphics). This may significantly improve performance on some graphics cards, and will significantly improve fidelity when multiple light sources are on screen. 
  • Fixed mismatched colliders on Owrongs 
  • Added four new music tracks 
  • Fixed issue where the player slid down ladders over time 
  • Significantly improved player connection time to servers with lots of buildings 
  • Significantly improved server RAM overhead for structures 
  • Added Shack construction item, built in the Workbench. The Shack is an early-game, small structure that can be built in the starting zone. It will last for 48 hours before destroying itself. You may respawn at your shack once every 20 minutes. You may only have one Shack at a time. The Shack may be chopped down with axes over a fairly long period of time - it is not a place for completely secure storage. 
  • Machines will now remember if they were turned on or not over server restarts 
  • Put in command to disable autosaves (autosaveenabled <value>) 
  • Made C4, Landcrab Mines and Poison Traps placeable within NoBuild zones 
  • Fixed ownership stake smoke LODing out too early 
  • Fixed bug in explosions where C4 would do damage to the wrong attachment pieces, sometimes decimating whole bases 
  • Configured armor for construction pieces. Wood will die to any c4 blast, stone will take about 1.5 blasts iron will take 3+ 
  • Increased detcap spawn rate by 3x 
  • Configured blast resistances based on construction volume, smaller objects of the same material will take less damage to destroy 
  • Decreased the material costs for C4 slightly 
  • Roof pieces are now much cheaper 
  • Doors and windows have a similar blast resistance to wood walls 
  • Garage doors have armor similar to rock 

    Let us know if you find any bugs, and enjoy! 

  • Fixed beacon not showing ownership stakes properly 
  • Fixed server side exception when creating new player identities
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