Hurtworld Experimental Hotfix

Posted on April 3rd, 2018 10:28 AM EST
Hurtworld experimental hotfix has been released on Steam.

Hi Hurtworldians,
This hotfix should fix up all of the lag spike issues that have been occurring over the weekend as well as structures not loading in on busy servers sometimes.
I have also increased the EU East ItemV2 server to 100 players as a load test. I encourage everyone worldwide to play on this server regardless of ping (I have removed the ping restriction) so we can see how the new network engine holds up under heavy load and profile for bottlenecks.

Full Changelog

  • Changed the way rare creatures are spawned to be more consistant
  • Fixed entity overflow on initial connection to a busy server
  • Fixed massive server lag spike whenever a player connects
  • Increased enforcement for server simulated projectiles to deny hits for clients when their structures bug out
  • Rebalanced armor and size coefficient values for small doorways
  • Added failsafe for meteors and airdrops to not leak if something goes wrong
  • Fixed memory leak on binary effects
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