BUTTHURT X1/OfflineRaidNerf/Guns "Nuclear Wipe 3/1"

BUTTHURT X1/OfflineRaidNerf/Guns "Nuclear Wipe 3/1"
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Status Checked 3 minutes ago / Online 13 minutes ago
Players 0 / 50
Location United States of America
Version 191
Platform Windows
Map Just Wiped 5/15
Registered by hendricks
Registered since December 3rd, 2022 01:55 PM EST
Last update March 17th, 2024 12:39 PM EST

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About This Server

Offline Raid Protection:
Reduces the damage to offline player structures from raid booms by 50%.
Build Block:
Prevents players from walling up while being raided online, with a 10-minute duration.
C4 Recipe Change:
Requires two Detonator Caps for crafting C4, increasing the rarity and difficulty of obtaining C4.
Galvanite Walls and Doors:
Introduces stronger building materials to increase the cost of raiding to reach player stashes.
Tier 4 Helmet:
Protects players from annoying one-shot kills, improving survivability.
Faster Engines for Vehicles:
Upgrade vehicles for faster and more efficient transportation.
Military Chests:
Scattered across the map for players to discover and loot.
Buttbucks Reward:
Earned when claiming Clan Points and farming for use in the Server Shop, an in-game currency.
Custom Flippers:
Allows players to swim and dive faster, enhancing mobility.
Increased Stack Sizes:
Increases the stack sizes of items for player convenience and inventory management.
Clan and Private Chat:
Provides a more personalized and private communication experience for clans and players.
Kill Logger:
Tracks killing sprees and kill/death ratio.
Vehicle Panel Removal:
Allows players to easily remove panels from vehicles for customization.
AWM Ballistics Adjustment:
Slows down AWM bullet speed to introduce bullet drop mechanics for more realistic shooting.
Expired Claim Stakes:
Unlocked bases with expired claim stakes do not turn red, adding an element of surprise and exploration.
Barras with Heavy Block Slots:
Barras are equipped with a heavy block slots, allowing players to haul in Island Amber Blocks.
Meteor Events:
Dynamic events involving meteors, adding excitement and challenges to the game world.
Radiation Shack Event:
Event involving radiation-themed challenges and locations.
Custom Barra Crash Event:
Event involving crashed Barras, with unique loot or challenges.
Custom Mozzy Crash Event:
Event involving crashed Mozzies, offering unique experiences or rewards.
Trade Station with Custom Recipes:
Includes a Trade Station with custom recipes for crafting and trading.
Player-Driven Wipe Mod, Nuclear Wipe Event:
Allows players to decide whether to wipe the server or fight against the wipe, giving them agency over the server's fate.
--The "New Player driven wipe mod, Nuclear Wipe Event" seems intriguing! It appears to be a gameplay mechanic where players have the power to trigger a server-wide reset or "wipe" through some in-game actions, perhaps related to launching a nuclear event. This adds an interesting layer of player agency and dynamic world events to the game.
Players can then choose to either push for this wipe, perhaps to reset the server and start fresh, or resist it, leading to potential conflicts and alliances forming within the player base.
This kind of feature can greatly enhance the player experience, offering both strategic depth and emergent gameplay. It also adds a sense of consequence to in-game actions, as triggering a server wipe could have far-reaching effects on the world and its player-driven economy.
Overall, it sounds like a fun and engaging addition to the game, providing players with meaningful choices and the opportunity for both cooperative and competitive gameplay experiences.--

These modifications and additions offer a variety of new gameplay elements, challenges, customization options, and events to keep players engaged and entertained within the game world.